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Last Updated: 7/14/2012

I have been married to the same man for 30 years.  We’ve been married more years than we were single…more than half my life.  Together we’ve been raising our family of 9 children (and missing one who went straight to Heaven).  We have home educated them all from the beginning.  We figure if you can potty-train them, then math and reading should be a piece of cake, right?  Mostly yes…although sometimes….

More of our children are adults now, than are still children.  That’s such a strange thought.  They are all wonderful people.  That’s not to say that they’ve always done everything we’ve wanted, pretty far from it, but I adore each & every one of them.  I’m very happy with their character.  Four of our children are married.  I also adore every single one of my CIL (children in love).  I could not have hand-chosen better matched partners myself.  

We have one granddaughter that is a little over 2yrs (March 2010).  To say that she has brightened up our lives would seriously be an understatement.  Every one of us adores her greatly.   Our next 2 sons are combination working/schooling and figuring out what to do next in life.  We have 3 children whom we are still home educating, the youngest is 12yrs and the oldest (in school) is 16 yrs. 

I’ve recently (since 2005) been trying to live more holistically and get away from the Traditional mainstream, western medicine way-of-life.  We’re trying to switch to all organic and it’s a process.  I still fall back to thinking in old ways and I’m always learning and tweaking things.  Trying to reject the SAD diet, however, it is a daily battle.  Old habits die hard!  We use Young Living Essential Oils (Distributor # 1325155), see Dr. Dyer for chiropractic care, homeopathy and herbs for healthy living and combating illnesses when they crop up.

I have only recently started working outside our home (2006).  I started working as a doula and added childbirth education, lactation education/counseling and since 2010 midwifery.  I graduated from AAMI midwifery school.  I really see my work more as a ministry that I usually get paid to do. As a matter of fact, I didn't even realize I was working outside my home, and still considered myself a stay-at-home mother until 2011.  Then one day it dawned on me when I was talking about getting it all done, and how I don't....that I work!  My business website is here.

My 3 biggest regrets in parenting are:

  • #1  Not learning how to work out our marriage problems better….and do it in front of them.  We kept things behind closed doors mostly and that was a disservice to them.   We haven’t modeled communication well.  For that, I am dreadfully sorry.
  • #2  Being too up-tight… I wish I would have let the kids get dirty more often.  Play in the rain and in the dirt.  Not worry about messes so much.  I wish I had learned how to play better. 
  • #3  Listening to mainstream medicine about how to deal with disease, illness & health.  I wish we never would have vaccinated our children and wish we would not have circumcised our sons.  I wish I would have had unhindered births….Oh how I wish… why did I listen to the WRONG people? 


So now my passions have become centered on what I regret and would have changed if I could go back.  My interests are:  Christian living, home education, unhindered birth, homebirth, midwifery, holistic & organic living, vaccinations (or LACK of them!), photography, scrapbooking.  I LOVE to read & research & am a facebook addict J.  In addition to home educating my kids, I serve as a community midwife to women planning to homebirth, and as a doula for women planning to birth in the hospital.

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