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- Just get yourself used to the idea of a c-section.

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I have been informed that it is ABSOLUTELY COMPLETELY impossible for ANY woman to give birth vaginally to a baby over 9lbs, 3oz....and anybody that says otherwise is a LIAR....by an OB....not kidding.....any "liars" out there want to list your "by-vaginal-over-9lb3oz" babies???

I didn't believe it....so I put it to the FACEBOOK Test.....I asked all my facebook friends, "Have any of you given birth to a baby over 9lbs 3oz? If you say yes, then I have to assume based on what the physician said, that you are liars.

So following is what they said.....in their own words:

Simone Johnson First baby 9lb 4oz....Fourth baby, first vbac 10lb 4oz.....What a moron!

Vanessa Reed ˇ.Omfg! Nicole Clausen wasn't your baby over 10 lbs and vaginally birthed? Gina Quinto Molosky wasn't your 9 and 10 lbs babies delivered vaginally? Yea that ob should be ashamed clearly they are blinded by $$ c sections are quite pricey..

Simone Johnson And both were drug free, first I was cut, but only because he had a 40.5cm head. Fourth I had a small graze, but nothing too bad considering how fast he came out!

Vanessa Reed ˇ .This is why so many women are taking their birth plan into their own hand and having their babies at home... Exactly why.. And that's just fantastic

Simone Johnson My friend was told her baby was too big, she had a CS for her 9lb12oz baby. She went for a vbac, and her daughter was just shy of 12lbs. But she was told the first wouldn't fit?

Debby Sapp People that stupid don't deserve an answer.

Simone Johnson Amen Vanessa! I had my fifth baby at home, and am lookin at having to hospital birth this one due to finances (I don't have $5000 spare for a midwife) but I have an awesome doula who has already fought for me and if I don't feel right I will just UC anyway

Vanessa Reed ˇ ....My I feel like if I had a natural drug free birth I would've had a regular delivery.. I got so pooped from pushing after a few short hours from not being able to feel anything .. My baby was just shy of 9 lbs and I had her via c section.. Such a big head!! Lol after 9 hours of pushing I was begging for a c section lol

Amy Willard Borrelli Lol Liney was 9lb7oz and my labor with her was 1.5 hours.

Caytie Hedges ˇ .Wow calling us Liars isnt cool. My son was 9pounds 10 oz with a 14 cm head natural all the way

Ursula Brigette Calhoun Porter My third, caught by an OB, 9#8oz.

Alina Collard ˇ ...Lol how ridiculous.... My 3rd was 10lb 4oz... Born at home in 1.5hrs...

Sharon Snell Joel 10lb12oz, Christian 10lb 2oz

Jessica Hutchinson Lucas was 10lbs 4oz. He was born without meds, in the water with 0 tearing after a 3 hour labor.

Chelsea Christian ˇ..Mine 9lbs 13oz!

KentandKelly Mangham 9lbs 4oz. He was my 3rd vaginal birth out of 5 and by far the easiest. He just kind of walked out.

Alina Collard ˇ ......Denise - would love to know what Ob said that.

Erika Obert Reagan Claire 10# home UNASSISTED water birth. Not a single skid mark.

Rebecca Dyer Sounds like someone didn't get a very good education.

Patty Brennan 10 pounds even over an intact perineum!

Simone Johnson My 10lb4oz baby was my easiest - 2.5 of labour. 2 huge pushes and he was out

Cindy Bevington Olmstead My baby was 9 pounds, 10 ounces. My granddaughter was delivered vaginally, and she was a full 10 pounds. I also have a friend, a tiny gal of about 110 pounds, who delivered an 11 pound baby. My grandma used to say that my dad weighed an outrageous 12 pounds when he was born!

Sara Evitts My friend had an 11 lb 6 oz vbac this January

Elaine Dobney 10# 13.5 oz., #4. No drugs. Am I a cow, or what??!!

Kelly Ganster 9#10 :0) I believe in women's ability to birth!!!

Lee Ann Burrell Griffin ˇ ..9 lbs 5 oz, my second baby of seven. The easiest one too.

Victoria Gensheimer Doula I birthed a 9lb.. 13 oz baby boy and yes I did this vaginally.. I was 137 pounds full term... So I'm not a very big person.. See really, our bodies are designed for having babies..

Angela Taylor My second oldest daughter gave birth to her first child almost a year ago - 9 lbs 13 ounces.....

Denise Easthon liars, liars, liars....the LOT of you......*wink, wink......I will ask if I may share the name of the OB, as it was told to me, so it is 2nd hand....it would be hearsay for me to name him, without the name of the mother who heard it with her own ears....

Angela Taylor Oh and I think the midwife charging $5000 is outrageous!!!

Julee Krechel ˇ ..Liar here! I had a vaginal birth at 9 lbs 4.6 oz and had no problems pushing him out.

Julee Krechel ˇ....Dr. Lasry delivered mine. Please feel free to share.

Tom N Connie Downer Daughters babies were 9# 12oz. and 9# 6oz.--both vaginally w/o meds. 2nd was even at home :} Some of the ignorance of the medical profession never ceases to amaze me.

Denise EasthonAngela Taylor....she is in AU and talking about a licensed provider....THAT is what licensure of midwives will create...those are the same kind of fees for women in Fla having a licensed midwife.

Sara Badger All of mine!! 10'1-9'12-9'10

Debi Tyree Haney My co-worker's sister just au naturelle an 11lber!

Laurie Flower Too funny....and that is why there are doulas and midwives

Fiona Willis-Frome Doula My first baby was 9lb 3oz, and my second was 9lb 4oz - they were both born at home in water, with no pain relief other than the birth pool! x

Brittni Gamble Bunce My husband was 11lbs (I forget oz) and he was born naturally.

Heidi Wheatcraft 10 lbs. 6 oz. at home!

Jessica Morris McClure Assisted a 13 lb homebirth. And she was not a big lady.

Stacie Gibeau Mandeville I know personally of 3 babies over 10 lbs!

Amanda Matson-Kesti Last Sunday my biggest baby by far, a rollie pollie 11.4lbs! I could snuggle those rolls till I died! Mamas fourth baby first home birth!

Fern Bel Compton 9# 11oz, 9# 12oz, 9# 15oz, and currently seeking a new record breaker this time around.

Kelly Dunham 9'8 here and no meds either. We women rock.

Doreen Lawton 9.13, 10.3, 10.5, 11.4, 11.0. At home with a midwife who believed I could push a baby out of my body. I did have to work hard at it though.

Kris-Anna Collier Wow. Ezra- my second baby born at home, was an even 10 lbs. He was my easiest labor yet.

Heather Huffman Schultz August 7, 2012 Declan born at home weighing 11 lbs even, January 28, 2009 Laurel born at home weighing 9 lbs 4 oz, August 21, 2006 Laird born at home weighing 9 lb 12 oz. Yeah, I dare that stupid doc to call me a liar and still be standing.

Carrie Shepard wow, just wow, they must teach in medical school to deny anything that interferes with their sop.

Janiel Bowman I had a 10lb 9 oz baby vaginally

Kaiti Glazier My friend birthed an 11 pound, 4 oz baby vaginally and didn't even tear.

Laureen Hudson Rowan was 10 pounds even. Aurora and Kestrel were both 9.5. Send that OB here

Lara Sears ˇ I was 9lb 14oZ in 1983. Not only was I born vaginally, my 5ft 4 120lb mom lived to tell about it!

Bethany Lee ˇ 10lb even with no drugs. The nurses were taking bets on the likelihood of a C-section up until the point I had my first pushing contraction and delivered her head into my own hands. Then they got busy.

Courtney Critz 9 lbs., 9 oz. at home with zero tearing. In the hospital I tore badly with a baby weighing 7 lbs., 8 oz.

Melissa McDevitt My big boy came out vaginally weighing in at 9 lbs. 11.4 oz.

Shannon Stewart ˇ My baby was 9# 9oz had I delivered him all natural without drugs.

Melissa Jensen Skaggs ˇ 9lbs 10 oz AND 10 lbs 2 oz

Tracey Moore 9.5, 9.9, 10, 10.4, 10.9 personally... among my clients.... 50 +? (Up to 11 lbs from a sweet mama who was told her 8.5 was "too big to fit" )

Michelle Sanders Cpm Three of my 4 Nov mamas had babies over 9lb 3oz.

The largest baby I've seen birthed vaginally was a hefty 12lb 1oz and 24" long. Homebirth.

Rebekah Knapp Lots of clients with 10 & 11#'s.

Stacey Brown Charles Wow, mine have been 9lbs 12ozs, 9lbs 13oz, 10lbs 1oz, 9lbs 12 oz...

Kristi Kerr ˇ ROTFLMBO!!! 9 pounds 10 ounces here. And sunny side up, to boot. I'd be finding a new OB. Obviously, this one wasn't trained well.

Andrea McCollum ˇ Wow, how can an OB be that misinformed? My most recent babe was a vaginal homebirth. 9lbs 13.5oz.

Winona Morland rolling eyes** mine where 8.5,9.5, 10.5, 11 and 11 lbs. totally doable

Erin Paton Harris ˇ Um....yeah. My boy was 10lb7oz, born vaginally. Also had his arm around his own neck and "elbowed" me on the way out!

Mary Colwell ˇ Mine, personally, were not that big, but I my former Pastors wife had two 10 lbs + babies, and she is not a large woman! Both vaginal births. Might not be fun, but totally doable!

Bev Young Reed Doula 10 lb 22 years ago

Brandy LaRae 1/4 oz shy of 10lbs. easy, all natural birth

Carol Ann McDaniel My own mother weighed 14 lbs at birth and she was the third of nine

Babz Covington i've seen a few lol lol lol

Michelle Falica ˇ 10 pounds 5 oz & 11 pounds 6 oz. Take that!

Katie Eubank Bachand ˇI birthed a 10lb baby, and I am 5 foot 4 inches. He is now 27 years old and 6 foot 2 inches. He is the tallest of all 5 of my children.

Heidi Hennigan 10lb 4oz and 4 hours of labor with 15 mins of pushing. Na. It can't happen -insert rolling eyes here-

Patricia Edmonds My son was 9 pounds 8 ounces. I am less than five feet tall. Labor was long but pushing was 30 minutes with no perineal trama at all! Biggest baby I ever received as a midwife was 12 pounds 4 ounces. Three hour labor, three pushes, no perineal trama and no GD ! Politely...stuff it mister

Nekole Malia Shapiro 9lbs 8oz! 22in. She nearly slipped out of me and it felt GREAT! I too am only about 5'4". Great post Denise!

Katie Eubank Bachand ˇHis comments shows how small his world is and how even smaller is his birthing experience.

Mary Ann Turner ˇHave a brand new grandson born after a 5 hour unmedicated vaginal birth at 9.49 pounds.

Mary Ann Turner ˇLet me add...he was a 3 push baby.

Tiffany Hoffman ˇWatched a mom beautifully birth her 11 lb 1 oz baby on her bathroom floor.

Nekole Malia Shapiro Yeah...I stopped my little one from coming right out because I thought I should stretch a bit. She really could have slipped right out.

Donna Reicks Primip - 9# 14oz it was wonderful!!!! My Grandson was 10# 13.6oz of Beautiful "Hunk of Love" - An another Primip a couple years ago, she was 11# 12oz of beautiful Baby Girl!! She was my biggest catch!! Says this LIAR anyway!!;)

Louisa Wales Midwife Largest baby in my practice was 11lb 3oz. Born gently in the water at home. I've also been present at the birth of a 12lb baby. Your OB has his head up his...

Kimmi 'Boss' Smith ˇ 9#,6oz vag delivery 4 yrs ago, no meds whatsoever. 3 pushes.

Babz Covington but, it does show his surgical experience this statement.

Donna Reicks I want to add..........shame on him!

Michelle Boudreau FossI'm 5'1 and was 145lbs... My son was 9'7 oz 22". 7 hrs pushing for 2.5. It's possible..;0) he is now 6'4, 240 at the age of 18.

Melissa Boucher A lady birthed a 12 lb baby!

Lacey Sigala9 lb 10 oz unassisted home birth here. No complications.

Nadia Allard ˇ My husband's first child was 9 lbs 11 oz. Natural.

Paule Bézaire Dussault Perhaps time to talk to him about size of head vs weight of baby; head vs squishy fat on baby... CAN WE JUST END THE MISINFORMATION THAT BABY WEIGHT IS THE IMPORTANT VARIANCE IN BIRTH?!?!

Diane Barnes I couldn't ocunt how many mid-west, meat andpotato moms had over 9 pound babies. I had 4, 9# 15, 9# 14, 10#7, and 10# even... biggst baby I attended was 14#4... no tears, delivered standing...

Paule Bézaire Dussault you could perhaps also tell him about maternal nutrition impacting baby's size, while you're at it?!

Debbie Fuhs-Serrao I have 2 cousins then that lied Laurie 3 times. Michael was 10.4oz Marc 9.11 oz and Traci 9.10oz my other cousin sons were 10. And 9.14oz

Lisa Loos 9lb 5 oz here over intact scared perineum. I have a friend who caught a 12lb boy yesterday afternoon, to be fair no one specified vaginally, but it was at home so I think it is safe to assume

Tacye Vogel ˇ 10 lbs 2 oz with 36 hour labor which included 2 hours of pushing. Bunch of fools they are

Kara Lester 1st VBAC of 10 lbs 2.2 oz boy after 61 hours of labor, including just 1 hour of pushing our 3rd baby (2nds VBAC) was *only* 9 lbs.

Melissa Boucher Seems that the bigger babies really just come right out. This is kinda nice.

Angi Dornburgh.....Just had a 9lb 9.6oz baby birthed vaginally uncomplicated healthy baby boy 9hrs of labor

Erin Pflaum Nikitchyuk9lb 3.5oz and a 10lb done here. Delivered the 10lb with a midwife and didn't even need stitches that time because the midwifes had prepped so well. Wasn't lucky at all on that front with the 9lber though.

Czarena Michelle Elysium.....A lady in our moms group just gave birth at home to a 12 pound baby yesterday - ill go tell her she was dreaming
( I've had 2 over 9lbs myself - my 2 out of hospital ones ironically)

Guggie L Daly It's funny to hear exactly 9lbs, 3oz specified b/c that's the smallest babies my mom ever had out of 11 vaginal births. She also had several 10lbers and two 11lbers.
My babes were 11lbs 4oz, 10lbs 2oz, and 11lbs, 7oz.


Jackie Watrous My first son was 9lbs 11oz

Torie Lehman ˇ My mom had a VBAC with my brother and he was over 10lbs

Angelica Leal Johnson I've caught plenty of babies bigger than 9lb 3oz. I specifically remember two because the weight was repetitive. One was 10lb 10oz and another was 11lb 11oz. Neither one had more than a skid mark and both were at birth centers, so they promptly got up and left about 4-6 hrs afterwards.

It makes me wonder in that OB's experience, has he/she really never seen a vaginal birth with a baby over 9lbs? All during med school, residency, their own practice, books, stories from other OB's, A Baby Story, patients medical history, his/her own family members, neighbors, friends...etc.

Sarah Diane Majestic ˇ 9.11 and 9.7 vaginally no problem in my family

Bethany StanleyI attended the home birth of a baby 12lbs 3oz this past summer. Mom had no tearing at all!

Megan Brust ˇ Yep, I totally dreamed the birth of my 12 pound son that I birthed yesterday afternoon.
I just thought his older brother was "big" at 9 lbs, 2 oz. ....Both boys were HBAC babies

Amber Dawn Thompson.....Drs are mind boggling. Ppl look at me like I'm the antichrist when I say drs are (generalizing of course) useless and uneducated but I'm sorry I have too many experiences like this in so many areas of health I just lost faith. I'm sorry they told you that. Its shameful and sick! Pls dont believe it.

Mallory Kwiatkowski ˇ first born was 9lb7oz at home.

Sharon Hodges-rust ˇ....First baby 10# 5oz, 10#11oz, (9# the only ine your doc would think possible) and 12#. I have caught many more bigger babies.

Abigail Joy ˇ....My mom had 9 babies and #8 was well over 9 lb. This is what my oldest sister with 4 children (all delivered at home) said when I repeated this to her:
"Baby #1 -- 8 lbs. 10 ozs (at two weeks before due-date. He'd have been a 10-pounder if I'd gone to D-day!)
Baby #2 -- 9 lbs 6 ozs (4 days before due-date)
Baby #3 -- 10 lbs. 7 ozs (4 days past due-date)
Baby #4 -- 9 lbs. 10 ozs. (2 days before due-date)
ALL delivered vaginally. To top it off, I'm only 5'3" with a small frame and narrow hips!
Poor ignorant OB... ; )"
She did tear a little with Baby #3, (10 lb 7 oz.) but she was just fine.

Abigail Joy ˇ I would make a list of all these and give them to that OB!

Nekole Malia Shapiro I was asked to come in and help a mama some time ago who was being told by the OB, "I am not giving you and option. Your surgery is scheduled tomorrow." When I went in with her for the appt what I assessed was that this MD was much more confident of her surgical abilities than of her abilities to support this mama to birth her baby vaginally.

Laura Martel Mitchell ˇ9.4 home birth

Brandi Monson 9# 12 oz, completely medication free and only a "skid mark" no tears to repair.

Sherri Lynn Gearhart Stimax ˇBaby #4 9lbs 5 oz, baby # 7 9lbs 11 oz, baby #9 9 lbs 5 oz.

Angelica Leal Johnson ^ you go girl!

Sue Shaw-Smith My brother weighed 12 lbs. and 11 ozs.

Pauline Dillard 2 10 pounders. 1 11lbs. 5 1/2 oz. All natural. Two born at home. I love the way male OBs think they know anything about women.

Erin Mattatall Gilliam ˇMy friend just had a 12 lb baby at home.

Lisa O'Rourke Goulet ˇI have 3 out of my 4. Second baby 10 lbs 6 oz., 3rd 9 lbs 4 oz., 4th 9 lbs 8 oz. All unmediated and vaginal births with 2 out of the 3 barely being "caught" they came so fast.

Justine Marie My 5th baby was 11lbs and born with zero complications at home.

Sherri Hayes Morris ˇ10# 1oz here...and im a petite 5'1".

Jennifer Schrag Zaccagni ˇ My 9lb 6oz baby wouldn't even engage in my pelvis enough to begin to open my cervix. He wasn't coming out, and when they started losing his vitals I was rushed into surgery and they did an emergency c-section. The only reason it wasn't a crash section is because I agreed to have an epi, hoping that maybe it would help things relax enough for him to engage my pelvis. He had to be revived at birth.

A close friend of mine did birth a 10lb baby vaginally and without meds. She has spent the 10 years since dealing with reconstructive surgery for her bladder and vaginal area, which ripped and was damaged so badly at the birth that she will never have normal function again.

The OB is wrong because he is an absolutist, not because he is a man. It is sexist to blame his genitals when you should be blaming his brain.

Laura Retta ˇ 9 pound 5 oz vaginal birth here! Once my water broke I pushed maybe an hour and she was here. It was quite painful but nothing that can't be done! I did it, you can too. The business of being born, she has the potential to make more $ off a c-section. Sad, but true.

Jayna Ray You bunch of liars! Lmbo!!! Wow.

Dot Potters ˇ A friend of mine had a totally natural delivery last week. Baby boy weighed 9lb 11oz

Therese Lefebvre Atwell ˇ My grandson was 9 lbs 5 oz and will be 3 months old Christmas Eve. No c section, no epidural, 32 hr labor, 3 hrs 15 min pushing and mom and baby were both very healthy.

Jennifer Richards ˇSounds like a lazy ass OB who is using fear to get moms into a section that's quick and fast instead of helping a mother achieve her labor and delivery. That or they have a complet lack of confidence in their ability as an OB.

Devin Farmer One of hubby's coworkers just had her first baby. Her OB told her she had "to have a c-section" because the baby was"too big". Baby was 8lbs 9oz... I was so mad after hearing that!

Sheri Nakken Vaccinedangers they are insane and criminals for their lies - my brother 10# and so many others..

Becca Warner Kaye Both of my husbands children were over that weight. Sara was 10lbs 3oz and Alex was also close to 10lbs. Both delivered vaginally, no epidurals...

Tiffany Messenger.....My mom vbac ed my sister larger than that in 1985, though she had to drive out of state to find a Dr who would let her

Erin Levier I'm a liar too!

Christy Collins 10'3, 9'13, 9'14, and 10'8. (my last three were also between 41-43 weeks, homebirths, and with no vag tears)

Kari Schettine ˇ My mom's friend had a 13 pound 8 oz little girl vaginally.

Hannah Moore Simonsen My sis-in-law had a natural 11lb 11oz girl -- came out wearing 3-6 months clothes!

Terri LaPoint My 10 lb 4 oz baby was the easiest of my 4 babies to push out - 2 pushes to crowning.

Hannah Moore Simonsen Sad that the Dr. won't "LET" her... birth in America has changed from intuitive empowerment to requesting a permission slip for what her body is more than capable of!

Heather Jones ˇ Gideon: 10-11lbs, 2-27-07; my brother was 10lb 15oz, 1984--I'll speak for my mom on that one.

Shelly Brooks Willbanks ˇ 11 pounds 6 oz....Water birth at home...NO tearing!!!

Jennifer McFarland I attended a mama at home this last Monday who had a ten lb nine oz baby. The biggest I've attended was eleven lbs four oz.

Madeleine Justine Shernock ˇI was 10 pounds 2 oz at birth

Audre Stickman ˇ My 2yr old son weighted 9lbs 7oz... Born vaginally with no pain meds.. As my sister stated in an earlier comment, my mom had a VBAC with me and I was 9lbs 8oz.

Kristy Ross Cavalli ˇ All three of mine! Most recently a home birth 10 lb 3 ozs

Jessica Gee....I think it is time for a new OB... or better yet, a midwife!

Georganne Hurt-Hampton My brother in law was 13 lbs, something ounces.

DrCatherine Evans Rött Dnm 10#4oz here, 25 years ago, vaginally...so who now is the liar, eh?

Christeena Braucht ˇMy son was 9lbs. 15.4 oz. born vaginally and I had pre e and didn't have to be induced. Take that lying OB.

Marina Balekian ˇ9 lb 10oz beautiful girl. Born at home unassisted.

Christy Birthkeeper Fiscer ˇPOSTERIOR 10lbs 10oz HBAC.

Marina Balekian ˇI should also mention that although I have "more to love" I am only 5'2" and labor was only 3 hours.

Gina Merlin ˇ My dad was born at home with a midwife in 1934.... 13lbs. It IS so possible!

Ashes Owens I birthed a beautiful 9lb 9.7oz baby girl... vaginally. Suck it, OB Wrong Kenobi.

Cheryl Wolf Marino ˇ 10lbs, no drugs, 3hours, would have been faster if baby wasn't posterior, turned and voila.

Danielle Farmer Malik ˇ 10 lb 2 oz HBAC

Diana Hurwitz This is why I will never go to nursing/medical school. What the heck are they teaching up in there?!

Diana Hurwitz LOL at OB Wrong Kenobi!!! So funny

Robin Lim Right here in Bali... Ade had a 5 kilo daughter, laughing in the water... do the math, that's 11 lbs NO tear, small Balinese mOM. We weighed Baby Kadek on another scale, just to be sure!

Miriam Medicine Prayer Oh my..How confused can we get..Re-educate the Doctors..

Julianne Patterson Weckel I'm sure he would have said the same for Vance too! I don't thing a breech and a 10lb. Can be all that different.

Jerren Hazlett Helwig Two days ago, I midwifed a woman giving birth to her third child. 11 pounds even.

Serena Stradiota ˇ 9 pounds 14 ounces, not fun but doable:)

Debbie Metts My #8 was 9lb14oz. I attended my friend's birth whose #11 was 11lb2oz.

Doula Michelle Simoneau Turner ˇ I've had five in total so far but my larger ones were 10 5 at home in the water, 11 at home in the water, 11 14 hospital due complications irrelevant of size.... Expecting again in June and should at home in the water!

Carol Coe ˇ 9 lbs 12 oz and still growing at 23 years

Desiree Brake ˇ My 9lb 14oz baby was delivered at home no drugs not a stitch or tear! By the best Midwife ever Diane Barnes!!!

Teresa McFarland ˇ Grand baby Penelope Perl 10#3oz no cut, no tear, no epidural, 2 pushes & beautiful!

Teresa McFarland ˇ Diana Hurwitz...Too funny!! OB wrong Kenobi!! Ahahahahah!

Rhonda Murphy ˇ 10lbs.14 oz

Brooke King ˇ First baby was 9 lbs 4 oz born at home in 2 hours 45 minutes second baby 9 lbs 10 oz born at a birth center in 1 hour 10 minutes

Lisa Allphin ˇ My mother, Diane Barnes, a certified midwife delivered all six of my children vaginally. Five out of the six were over 9lbs, but my sixth child weighed 11 lbs 6 Oz. amazing experience with my awesome mom!

Nikki Rott Imes My brother and I must be zombies, then. I (my mom's first) was 9lb 12oz (born vaginally) and my brother was 10lb 4oz! The others were under that, if I remember correctly and ironically, her smallest was Cesarean-born (4lb 2oz), but that was an emergency C at 34wks due to pre-eclampsia.

Allison Wolak Quadhamer ˇ My brother was 10lbs. I was 9lb 6oz. We were both birthed vaginally.

Sandy Whitmill BryantFirst, I am a nurse and not ALL nurses are like the stories I hear. Second, my biggest baby was 9# 9oz, 2 hrs of labor, and NO pain meds!

Kaye Geist I had one at 9#9oz without pain meds! I had two at 9# with no meds. No c-sections.

Kelley Henry Boy 1993 -- 9.9.....Boy 1995 -- 9.10....Girl HBA2C (including a vertical incision) 2010 -- 9.8

Cherrie Lynn ˇ 9 lbs 9 oz

Nancy Silverman McDaid ˇ I work for a home birth midwife. Biggest baby we had born at home was 11 pounds 14 oz. (vaginally of course) and we've had many over 10 pounds, 2 over 11 pounds in the last few months. That statement the OB made is completely untrue!!

Erika Lynn My babies were little, but I was born at 11 lbs 7 oz to my super awesome mom almost 34 years ago....with no epidural. So, yes, it's definitely possible. I'm living proof.

Nicki Royce CzarneckiMy first was 10 lbs even. 2nd was born at 39 weeks and was 9 lbs 4 oz. Both vaginal. No more jumping jacks for me

Linda Parichy my dd was 10 lbs and out in 10 minutes of pushing.

Jen Vbacfacts Kamel 9lbs 10oz w nuchal hand

Sarah Fay Rydingsword ˇ 10/2011 10 lbs 2 oz natural vaginal water birthed boy, 5/2008 9 lbs 6 oz natural vaginal water birth. Both at home with a midwife, both with less than 30 minutes of pushing.

Central Indiana Nurse Midwives my dear friend and client birthed a sweet girl at home this past year - 13 pounds.

Heidi Orth 10-pounder at home in 2010!

Shannon Mitchell 10 lb 3 oz out of hospital...third vbac. 2nd vbac was a puny 9'2

Kelly Duncan ˇmy quickest labor was my biggest child. 9 lbs 6.8 oz at 39 weeks gestation. 4 hours of labor, less than 5 minutes of pushing.

Raechel Fredrickson ˇ....My biggest was "only" 9lbs 1oz, but if it matters, he was only 17" long, had a 15.5" (asynclitic thumbsucking!) head circumference and a 16" (all bone!) chest circumference.

Megan M. Otero ˇ 2 of my 4 babies were 9 lbs 3 ozs. Those 2 were my easiest to push out despite the fact that they were larger than my other 2

Angie Bracy Howard ˇ please take all these in for him to read! gggrrr

Meghan Gervais ˇ My first, Gus was 9 lbs 10oz. Born at home. 42+weeks

Baylie Carlson ˇ I have attended a birth of an 11 lb 1 oz baby born vaginally!

Rachana Shivam I've seen a tiny 5'1" woman breath out a 10lb baby! No tears. My mother was 5'3" and had 8 babies at least 2 were 10lb.

Amy Gault 10 lb and 6 oz homebirth. My midwife informed me that I could easily fit a 12-pounder through there with how roomy I am. I think it was a compliment.

Amy Gault And, my 7.5 pounder was a lot harder to get out than anybody else (ranges from 8 lb, 4 oz up to 9 pounds even).

Victoria Gensheimer DoulaDenise Easthon, you started a fire storm of comments..Love IT!!

Maria Guidos-Albert ˇMy FIL is one of 10 babies and the smallest was over 10 lbs. The average was 12-13 lbs. We're made for whatever baby we're supposed to birth

Steff Hedenkamp My Wiley was 10 lb 14 oz ... Home birth in water at 41 weeks ... Precipitous Labor ... woke to our first contraction at 4:17am ... He was out into the early morning light of his own bedroom by 7:03 am.

Nancy Draznin ˇ Biggest baby I delivered was 11 pounds. Mom didn't tear.

Katherine Moser Potter ˇHWBAC in 2010 to my DD who was 9lb8oz after being told I would never be able to birth a baby vaginally with my DS 1yr9mo earlier, who was 9lb6oz and forced c-section.

Katherine Henderson 10 lb 3 oz and 9 lb 5 oz

Cyndy Gordon Cusson 9# 10.65oz Hannah Joy

Julie Tatara McMinn ˇ9#8oz

Jenn Cali ˇ10lbs 23inch 2 pushes no cutting no stiches! ha is what i say to that *doctor*

Margaret LiptonNot including the ones I've caught, I had an over 9' 3" of my own - Adoniram at 10lbs even.

Nicole Wellman Werner ˇ 9 lb 7 oz boy born at home after a 25 minute (yes, minute) labor.

Bianca McLellan ˇ 9 lbs 3, 9 lbs 5, 9 lbs 8, 9 lbs 6. Only a tiny skid mark from the first one.

Ruth Stoops Doula ˇ 9 lb 6 oz first baby. Enjoyed pushing and surprised everyone with my perfect chubby little man! Our bodies work more often than not.

Blair Berniece LaValley ˇ my mother in law had a baby who was 11 lbs 8 oz, vaginally with no meds. woopwooop. lol. my brother in law is still huge, at 30 yrs old hes 6' 5" and huge!

Brittany Newton ˇJust had a 9 lb 9 oz @ home in may 3 &1/2 hour labor beautiful smooth labor and delivery

Carrie Valentine Blake ˇIn the last month alone, I've caught 3 cuties who were over 10#. Longest second stage was 25 min. Guess it was a miracle

Terra Priddy Fabela ˇ My mom birthed a 9lb 10oz vag with no meds or stitches required. my mother in law birthed 9lbs 14oz and did get stuck but he was all vag.

Denise Easthon Wow....I guess what Dr. House says is true.....EVERYBODY LIES!!!! All you mommas and midwives are FABULOUS!!!!!!

Lori Hamilton Johnson ˇMy Bradley instructor delivered all of her babies vaginally, three of them were 10+ pounders!

Blake Blunkall ˇI was 9lb 15oz, and my kid brother was 11lb 2oz. My mom was a tough gal!

Angela Johnston Reed ˇ My second; 9pounds 8 ounces without so much as an aspirin or a stitch

Zuki Abbott-Zamora I've seen hundreds of babies born and most of them were between 8-10lbs on average. Most of those were over 8.14lbs so that leaves the rest over 9.6#, a LOT of them. All born at home normally. But not laying down or on drugs or on monitors, no inductions..Drs don't see that.

Doula Ruth Kraft Have had many clients with 10 plus pound vaginal babies

Kristen Graham ˇ This thread is amazing - I love it! You should print these comments out and mail it to the OB!

Katherine Bramhall ˇReceived an 11# 12 oz little girl in the tub with an intact perineum!

Rasee Govindani ˇMy daughter was born vaginally, 9.5 lbs.

Erika Peterson ˇ9.5 lbs, at home unassisted. My fastest, easiest birth by FAR.

Simone Magaletta-Snyder ˇMy first was over 9 pounds and he came out just fine!

Rosanna Oviatt ˇJust shy of 10 lbs. Vaginas are stretchy for a reason.

Alison Winters ˇ I was 10 lbs 2 oz delivered naturally, no epidural. My brother was 9lbs 9 oz delivered naturally, no epidural. My mother is 5 foot 2 in 100lbs. She managed just fine. No tears, either.

Niki Wade Smith 11 pounds 2 oz...vaginal at home in bath tub!!! of 7, the other 6 being in hospital, # 7 big baby boy at home was the easiest and quickest labor I have ever had!!! Thanks, Denise!!

Betsy Morton I was born 9 lbs 12 oz, natural vaginal birth.

Marilyn Hooper ˇ my uncle was a 12 lb 9 oz baby born vaginally. he was last of 7. my gma had gestational diabetes every pregnancy. each one bigger than the last.

Jason Thompson Wow, some of these birth sizes are amazing! My baby was 5'2"

Kyra Perry I don't know how much my last baby was because she was born unassisted. The scale said closer to 11 lbs, but it was an old dial scale, and I could hardly believe it because she looked tinier than my other babies (but she was reaaaally long). So I put down a guess number...but looking back, I think she was actually around 11lbs. She was much bigger than I thought she was, and she came "late". My first baby was 9lbs 8.5oz...my middle baby was 8lbs 11oz, but she was 2 weeks early.

Zuki Abbott-Zamora Puttin that Doc to shame!

Cindy Hetzer I love this thread.

Carina Lowry ˇ How does this OB know that the baby is over 9#3? Crystal ball? Because US is inaccurate.

Sara Evitts Carina, precisely! 2 days before I had my last she was "way over 9 lbs". 2 days later? 7 lbs 14 oz. she lost a lot of weight in utero apparently.

Vanessa Corazon Pilots of news articles out there to prove them wrong, wasn't there one the other day about a mom who delivered a 13 lb er?

Patricia Couch Lol. I personally have given birth to two babies bigger than that. The biggest I have attended as a midwife have been 11lbs 14oz and 11lbs 12oz both with no tears.
Big babies happen.

Lindsey Gruen I'm I know of a friends mother who vaginally birthed a 13 pound boy. Maybe someone could inform her?

Kristin Green Pittman 9 lbz, 8 ounces...came out posterior. What a moron. And a liar.

Robin Harwick ˇ My son was 10lbs. A beautiful water birth

Edmond Bradley Method Classes ˇ My baby boy was 9.3 with his fist next to his head. Had him at home, didn't even tear....no pain with pushing, was a wonderful experience! BTW my OB told me I didn't have a "proven pelvis", so I fired her & went with a Cms Midwife best decision we made!

Pauline Dillard Have a friend who had a cesarean for cpd with a 7 1/2 lb baby. Had three more babies naturally, all bigger, one 10 lbs 4oz., one 9lbs 15 oz. Can we see someone does not have cpd?

Augustine Colebrook ˇAll my babies were over that ridiculous fear-based limit and all born at home, 10 lbs daughter persistent posterior, 11lbs 4 oz son, 9lbs 8 oz daughter who just slipped out!

Ryka George ˇ It is a good thing that the babies don't know this.

Gail Hart a few years ago I helped a woman who had a cesarean in early labor for a 7 and half pound baby who doc said 'would never fit, so let's do a section now rather than have to do surgery at 3AM'. She had an 'official diagnosis" of CPD. This baby came after only a few hours of labor, and possibly as long at 15 minute second stage (she barely made it to the birth pool in time). he was ten pounds and one ounce.

Cassandra Carroll ˇfirst vbac 9lbs 8oz second vbac born at home unassisted at 43wks gestation. 10 lbs.....no tears

Jennifer Benford Matherly ˇMe! 10lb 8oz in hospital with a 37-3 week induction and no gestational DM. However, we did have a shoulder dystocia! Minor 1st degree tear only.

Lora Penola ˇ10 pounds 15 ounces born in the water at home!

Jason Thompson I would love to see the body size of these mothers pre pregnancy to if there is a correlation. I can't imagine a small lady doing that, but anything is possible

Denise EasthonJason Thompson....some of the women did post their weights....the thing is...both the mother's pelvis and the baby's head are flexible/moveable pieces in the puzzle as you know....so it isn't about the size....unless there is some sort of problem, likerickets or some sort of accident involving the pelvis for the mother, or an baby having an anomaly...if you watched the video clip above from ICAN about CPD, you see that almost ALL of those mothers that had CPD put upon them as a diagnosis for their c-sections went on to birth bigger babies vaginally....sometimes a POUND bigger.....just think....if the Creator of the Universe designed a woman to conceive, grow, birth and then nurture and feed a baby....do you think He would place/allow babies in there that cannot come out at the rate we see? It would be the exception to the rule, NOT the rule.....it IS the exception to the rule....but we find ourselves in a fear based, litigious-conscious medical system.....to be blamed both on the providers, and ourselves for suing anyone/everyone at the drop of a hat. (ie: McDonalds for having hot coffee/etc.). It's time to step up and take responsibility for the choices we make, because we are certainly dealing/living with the consequences.

Ronda WeissTristan was 9lb 4 oz

Carina Lowryˇ I wonder if there is a correlation between OB dx of the baby being too big and increased fear level among mums? Or increased fear level and rate of cesarean? Surely there is some type of fear based questionnaire that we could look at....for both mums that have "big" babies vs little ones.

Amy Hutchison9 lb 15 oz Toby Scott Philo born at home 9-16-06 after four hours of labor and one hour or so of pushing. No tearing whatsoever.

Gail Hartthe question about maternal size? I've been a midwife a long time and have not EVER seen any correlation of baby size with maternal size other than that shorter mothers 'tend' to grow smaller babies (and my 'shorter' I mean under 5'2").

I have caughta great many 9 and 10 pound babies from smaller (lighter) moms, some not more than 150 at full term and you wonder where on earth they kept that baby because they surely did not "look like" they were having a baby over 6 pounds! The very few cesareans we've had were almost all small babies - under 8/8 -- who were small enough to get wedged into an odd position.

Speaking as a midwife, I would much rather attend a birth of a baby over 9 pounds because I know it is an optimal pregnancy with mom and baby properly nourished...and that a big baby is unlikely to be able to get into a bad position. Those nice well-rounded babies fit right into the best position for birth, like the way the correct key fits into a lock.

This doctor who believes a 9/4 baby is too big to fit has created his own self-fulfilling prophecy. I'm sure he/she is doing elective surgery on every big baby because they are obviously "too big to fit," Or is inducing them before they get "too big to fit". Or is augmenting and then sectioning them for slow labor because "they are too big to fit".
There is a problem with every birth the doc has not seen successful births of big babies. But the problems are created BECAUSE of the fear of problems!

A woman who is well nourished with a big baby will most likely have a successful vaginal birth only if she has a spontaneous non-medicated labor, and who is permitted full movement, and her own time table.
She is not so likely to be successful in the typical hospital birth situation... but this is true even if she has a smaller baby!

The fact that few US hospitals have a cesarean rate under 40% is proof that the "typical hospital birth situation" is the direct CAUSE of the high rate of cesarean. Only a minority of babies are over 9 pounds 4 ounces; the average full-term baby in the US is only around 7 and a half pounds. The vast majority of cesareans are being done for babies who this doctor believes are "appropriately sized" and -- according to this doctor - SHOULD be well able to fit!

Gin Harrington Eby9lbs 8oz, 9 lbs, 4 oz and 9 lbs 6 oz, all born at home. One was OP. My daughterS youngest was 10 lbs, 4 oz. 24 inches long.

Rifat Nafisa Peggie BrownˇOne of the most petite women I ever helped (about 5'1" & normally 95 lbs) last baby was close to 11 lbs. The main difference I remember from births of smaller babes is that the perineal stretching took some longer, and it sure did stretch! All was very well with mom and babe.

Jijji BishopMy neighbor delivered a 15 pound baby girl vaginally. However, she was in labor for 3 days. After the delivery, she had blood dots all over her eyes. She is a very small girl. Only 4'11. There are always exceptions to the rules.

Shonda Parker9 lb, 4 oz face presenting baby boy born to this 5 ft 2in, 93lb (prior to pregnancy; 135 lbs at birth) mama after 6 hours of active labor.

Jaime Milano SmithˇMy sisters 2 boys were both over 9 pounds, she had to wear a catheter for a week after her first sons birth.

Us NicholsonsCPD can only be diagnosed after a GENEROUS amount of time in second stage!!

Jennifer GermainˇI've delivered dozens over 9 lbs... (I'm a midwife)... Including an 11lb 9oz and an 11lb 8oz. (The latter came out in 3 easy pushes!). All out of hospital deliveries...

Us Nicholsons 5 HBACs after first being a footling breech C-section; 9lbs. 9oz., 10lbs. 3oz., and 10lb. 7oz and 23 1/4 inches at 42.2 weeks and 40 years old. Other 3 between 6 lbs. 15oz and 9 lbs 3 oz.

Us Nicholsonsˇ AND most labor less than 6 hours, each with only a handful of pushes or less!

Amy Holmesˇ Have assisted at about 10 births of babies over 10#. My own mother delivered a boy, her 4th child, at home weighing 10# 14oz. Most of the mom's that I helped that had babies over 10# were small pre-pregnancy and didn't really have a problem. 2 were delivering their first babies!

Amber AfterBabycomI gave birth via a natural vaginal delivery w/no meds to a healthy 11 pound boy who arrived at almost 42 wks.it saddens me that there are professionals out there that say such ignorant things; which could ultimately put mom & baby at risk due to choices made based on ignorance. Praying for wisdom & great health for all!

Laura Adams Funderburk9lb 7oz, 20 3/4", 3rd child born at home to a 5'2" mom (110 lb pre-preg weight, 140 lb preg weight) after 4 hours active labor. fifth child, born at home, 8lb 15oz, 20 3/4", but larger head circ at 15", less than 1.5 hrs of active labor. My cousin, same size as me birthed her second child, 10lb 7oz

Lori HaukaasThree over 9lbs for me9 lbs 15 oz, 9lbs 6 oz, 9 lbs 9 oz

Vivian Pollard MockˇYup. And with a malpresentation to boot!

Chavon Murray9#10 oz homebirth with #5

Christine Morlockˇ 10# 3 oz, home-birth. Didn't push breathed him out!

Stephanie Cardin Foxˇ9lb 7oz 4th baby born at home.guess I'm a liar.

Pamela Qualls LMˇ I have caught many many baby's over 9-3 and a few that were 11 pounds. I have caught one 12-4 baby. All vaginally.

Raechel Wilkins Clevengerˇ10lbs 10 oz vaginally

Stephanie Soderblom LMˇhttps://www.facebook.com/BigBabyProject?fref=ts


Big Baby Project

I love babies big and small, but often hear women talk about how they are afraid...See more

Roxanne Crapserˇ 2 babies 1 boy 9lbs 6 oz 1 girl 9 lbs 5 oz vaginally

Del Balgas Lm Cpmi weighed 110 lbs my daughter was ten of it

Katie McCallMy son was 9lbs 6oz and this^ midwife was there to corroborate my story.

Corrine Flattˇ In order; 9lbs, 10lbs, 11lbs, 10lbs 12.5lbs, 8lbs, and 8lbs.

Del Balgas Lm Cpmyes katie birthed 9 lb 6 oz. baby boy Robert who by the way is very handsome!

Kelcie Koernerˇ Well, I had a UBAC 9 lb 8 oz girl

You COULD always just get yourself ready for that C-section though........after all:

OR.....You could NEVERMIND everybody else and birth your baby YOUR way....just sayin

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