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- Today June 19th, 2014 is the 29th Anniversary

Last Updated: 6/19/2014

Today June 19th, 2014 is the 29th Anniversary


Anniversaries are usually a time to look back and celebrate an event.  Birthdays, weddings, years on a job.... any number of things.  It is a time of celebration and remembrance.  Remembering where you started and evaluating where you are now. 

Sometimes, though, it's a time to remember something you just cannot celebrate.  Sometimes it's a deep, dark and dreaded milestone.  Sometimes as the day approaches for that anniversary a person may become anxious or gloomy or even deeply depressed.  August 14th of this year marked 19 yrs since my son was born still.  It is a somber thing to remember that little body just refusing to take a breath.  I remember feeling the warmth leave him and the inability to bring it back, though I instinctively tried anyway.  I remember with an uncanny clarity the expressions on my young children's faces when we tried to explain what death means.  It's really impossible for any adult to comprehend eternity, but if you have to explain it to young children it takes on another dimension that unless you've had to do it, you just cannot understand.

Following is a story I've know about for some time, but only learned all of the details today.  On the anniversary.  Thank-you, Karen, for sharing your story.  I am so in awe of your strength and fortitude and the degree to which you fought the system.  I admire your stance even in the face of such opposition.

This was Karen's Facebook status yesterday:  "Yesterday marks the 29th anniversary of my daughter, Sabra's, first and last vaccination. I had concerns about it because I'd heard a bit about kids having problems. But I was not educated on what my state really REQUIRES - I was told wrong by my doctor and other officials. Fear tactics were engaged as well, to pressure me into giving her that shot that day. I succumbed to the pressure despite my gut screaming at me that this was the wrong thing to do. Within an hour, symptoms of severe reaction began. Tomorrow marks 29 years mourning her death. You can't imagine what it's like to live for 29 years knowing daily that your choice - based on lies, misinformation and fear tactics instead of truth - resulted in the death of your only daughter. PLEASE be sure that you understand the risks and the laws for yourself. It is YOUR choice - and one that can have life-long consequences."

Sabra's story, as told to me by Karen

**There are several incidences in Sabra's short life story of what can only be described as Divine intervention .... intervention which manipulated particular people into particular places at JUST THE RIGHT TIME to meet particular needs.  The first Divine handwriting is that Karen kept a record of EVERY SINGLE THING that she did in caring for Sabra, from the moment of birth.  Feedings, diaper changes, when she smiled, EVERY SINGLE THING.  You might not think this is very miraculous but this was her 2nd child, not her first and she was busy caring for him as well.  She was somehow, in some way to compelled to record every single thing.  What this did is provide documented proof that everything was normal about this child.  Nobody could question her normalcy in the face of such documentation.  She was healthy, happy, gaining weight and thriving.

Sabra was the 2nd child born to Karen and her husband.  Her first, Christopher, was four years old at the time of Sabra's birth.  She was born by a scheduled repeat c-section on her estimated due date, 7lbs even, normal healthy and happy, excellent APGAR scores.  Christopher had experienced a vaccine reaction which deeply concerned Karen.  He spiked a very high fever which peaked at 105, and cried uncontrollably for several days with prolonged periods of screaming. 

When she happened upon a 20/20 episode which had Barbara Loe Fisher telling about her son's early vaccine reaction, she took note.  She paid very close attention and made a decision she was not going to vaccinate any subsequent children on the same schedule but would instead use a delayed schedule when the children were older.

She informed her pediatrician before Sabra was born that she would not be vaccinating on the recommended schedule and she was pacified with the response that they could talk about it later.  So when she went to her 6 week well-baby check up just shy of 7 weeks, she reiterated her desire to NOT vaccinate.  At this point in time, private physicians were not required to give any information related to the risk of vaccination, but they were still religiously pushing vaccine compliance.  They wrongly told her she would be unable to get her child into school if she did not vaccinate.  That information came AFTER she was browbeaten with the scare tactics that Oklahoma was having one of the worst outbreaks of pertussis than anywhere else.  She later learned that the state was targeted for REPORTING and the outbreak was among well-vaccinated population.  (as usually is the case)

Karen continued to object saying she just wanted to wait a while.  She didn't know she could JUST SAY NO.  So she reluctantly complied, and allowed the vaccine. It was a Monday.

Within an hour after the vaccine, Sabra was projectile vomiting and became excessively sleepy, wouldn't nurse much.  She had a fever of 101.  This was concerning, but because her reaction was not as alarming as Christopher's, she didn't realize the symptoms were in fact worse.  She did phone the physician who reassured her it would be fine.  By the next day, she began having twitching movements which Karen later learned were focal seizures.  Her eyes/fingers/face were randomly twitching.  Sometime during the day that Tuesday, Sabra stopped urinating.  When she realized it had been over 6 hours since she had voided, Karen called the physician again.  He again assured her, "no worries, it'll be fine".  She had falsely reassured herself that since her reaction was much more quiet than Christopher's it wasn't really that bad.  She was glad she was sleeping instead of screaming.

Tuesday night was a very strange night for the family because there were loud goings-on in the neighborhood.  There was a drunk man in the street.  He was making a lot of noise and another neighbor had called the police.  The police were there and the ruckus continued throughout the night.  Those events made it so that Karen continued to note every detail of Sabra's short life.  At 3 am, she ended the long stretch of not urinating by letting go so much urine it seemed like gallons.  She drenched her clothing, the bed and everything in it.  As Karen cleaned her up and re-dressed her, she noted that she was limp like a rag-doll, with absolutely no muscle tone.  This greatly concerned her and she began planning whether to go to the physician or just go to the ER.  In the morning when Karen came out of her room, her friend was sitting on her couch in her nightgown.  Since there wasn't any plan for her to be there, Karen questioned her friend.  She asked her what she was doing there, and her friend replied she had no idea, she just woke up and felt compelled to go over there, as she started to get dressed she was even further compelled to go immediately.  She felt it was the Lord's leading, and so she obeyed.  She sat with her for several hours.  In the morning when she called the physician at 7am he kept on reassuring her that she was just over-reacting.  The baby woke up, held her head up, smiled and was engaging at 10am.  (Karen later felt this was her way of saying goodbye.)  Since she had several errands that needing done and she had been up all night long, her mother-in-law picked up her son for her and she set about running them.  The baby slept like the proverbial baby throughout that time, with on-lookers commenting on her and touching her feet at the store, the bank and the grocery.  As she got home, and got the baby inside the door in her carseat, she began making a horrible gassy, gasping sound and choking.  Since there couldn't be anything she would be choking on, it confused Karen.  She grabbed the cordless phone beside her and phoned the doctor.  She was trying to decide whether to take an ambulance or just drive herself to the ER. 

The nurse quickly got the physician who came to the phone and scolded her by telling her to just "calm down she was much too excited."  At that point Sabra stopped breathing.  Karen hung up on the physician and began CPR.  She stopped to phone her mother-in-law.  Because there was no 911 services in her town at the time and there weren't even addresses on the homes, the directions would need to be very precise.  She knew her mother-in-law was very concerned about that fact and had the emergency operator on speed dial and would have the presence of mind to give clear directions.  Karen then set about resuming CPR on her baby. 

Strangely enough Karen's mother-in-law had a police scanner and listened in when the emergency operator gave directions to the ambulance.  She made a mistake in describing the route to her home so she had to phone them back and make the corrections. As I asked Karen how long it took the ambulance to get there, she guesstimated that it might have been 3-5 minutes because they were about 1/2 mile from her home, but it could easily have been 7 weeks.  Time just took on a surreal unreality.  It was during performing of the CPR on her daughter that she felt her leave, she later realized. 

The ambulance took over the CPR and got ready to transport her to the hospital.  They refused to allow her to accompany her in the ambulance to the hospital.  A neighbor, whom she barely knew had come outside when he saw them pull up and offered to take her to the hospital.  She called her parents and her husband who were over an hour away to meet her at the hospital.

It was about 20 minutes away and when she got there and found a place to wait, she asked her neighbor to go outside and call her pastor.  Strangely enough AGAIN this was a new-to-her pastor of only about a week.  This woman then walked in the door.  Karen was mystified at how fast she got there considering she was about an hour away.  The pastor, whom had lost her own child at 6 yrs old to an accidental drowning, just felt compelled to go to her home, and she learned of the incident and went on to the hospital.  It was there in that room, with a barely known neighbor and pastor that she learned her only daughter had not survived.

She phoned her physician and told him that Sabra had died.  His reply was that this had happened twice before in his time in practice.  He would not repeat that information, however, presumably due to legal advice.  It was Wednesday.  Two days after Monday.  Two days since she had been bullied into something she had no intention or desire to do, something she felt very strongly against doing.

Karen and her husband were informed there would be an investigation into Sabra's death.  As she waited to be contacted, she collected the records she had been keeping, and began research of her own in the medical library.  She could not stop reading.  That was where she learned about the shock Sabra had begun to experience almost immediately following the vaccine administration, and the damage that was happening inside her brain.  She connected the dots of what she thought were little tremors to focal seizures by the descriptions.  Weeks went by, and nobody contacted her with any questions.  She was then informed that a cause of death had been found.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Karen went ballistic!  She asked what about the investigation?  Why had nobody called HER?  SIDS is a HEALTHY baby dying for NO REASON!   What had they turned up in the investigation?   The medical examiner explained that they were looking for signs of foul play and found none, so there wasn't anything to implicate the parents.  (More recently they wind up blaming shaken-baby syndrome and many parents wind up convicted of crimes never committed.)  When Karen described every detail of her daughter's life and death to the ME and took him the stacks of papers she had amassed in her short life.  He assured her he had not been given any of that information.  She was insistent that SIDS NOT be the cause of death on her death certificate.  He had retained possession of Sabra's brain and her heart when he returned her body to be buried.  He then promised to do more investigation.  He studied slides from her brain and called Karen back. 

The death certificate would be amended to read, "cause of death Meningioencephalopathy due to ___________________.

The state of OK would not allow him to list vaccination as the cause.  Karen was enraged.  She lamented that that is like saying someone died because their heart stopped, but not saying because of the bullet that penetrated it.  Over the next 2 years Karen fought the fight to get the cause acknowledged.  She went all the way to the new Vaccine court in Washington DC.  She spoke everywhere she could, she went before the CDC, was on TV, USA today, and even in Better Homes and Gardens.  The medical examiner testified on her behalf and left his position to travel and teach how to identify vaccine damage on autopsy.  As he acknowledged the cause, and the court recognized it, they still would not amend the death certificate to include it.

Karen describes the way she feels now, "Every day is just like the day she died.  Yet, you have to go on and live for those living. You can't imagine what it's like to live for 29 years knowing daily that your choice - based on lies, misinformation and fear tactics instead of truth - resulted in the death of your only daughter. "

Final comments:  Not listing any sources/resources.... this is a stand-alone story as told to me. It is real.  It is hardly a rare occurrence.  NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER go against your intuition, if they say it's okay..... NEVERMIND THEM!

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