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Last Updated: 10/5/2012

Here is a series of (mostly) short video clip resources that give vaccination information from a medical perspective that is NOT what you might expect.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is a respected DO that is knowledgeable and outspoken regarding the impact of vaccines on health. She is also an advocate for free choice in healthcare, including the right to refuse vaccination. This clip is from Vaccine's Safety: A Crime Against Humanity, it is about the perils of vaccination. It was uploaded in November of 2011 and lasts about 15 minutes.

"We use the words immunization and vaccination as though they were synonyms. They are not. Vaccination, by definition is the act of giving a shot. That is what that really means. Immunization means that you have become immune. You do not necessarily become immune from a vaccine. In fact, there is a large body of evidence that shows it only causes harm, it does not make you immune at all. The definition of immunity means that you have had a natural infection from a community acquired infection" Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Dr. Nancy Banks is an OB/Gynecologist who is also an activist, speaker and awards winning author. Here she talks about the effects of vaccination and its relationship to autism among other things. This was posted in January 2012 and lasts about 14 minutes.

Dr. Suzanne Humphries an MD, a homeopath, an internist, a nephrologist and holistic health consultant. She was conventionally educated medical doctor who left conventional medicine after 14 years of practicing allopathic kidney medicine. She is on the board of directors of The International Medical Council on Vaccination. This clip is approximately 11 minutes.

"My current opinion about vaccinations is that they have never been safe, never has there been a safe vaccine. Never WILL there be a safe vaccine. It is not possible to have a safe vaccine. The reason for that is the actual process of vaccination defies the natural function of the immune system of living beings." Suzanne Humphries MD


Dr. Gary Null, PhD, International Expert in Nutrition and Health Sciences, film maker, speaker, speaks out at the New York State Assembly Hearing. His impassioned testimony against false beliefs about vaccines and their lack of safety, the vaccine industry, the CDC and the FDA, He alleges scientific fraud, and crimes against humanity by the medical and profit-motivated pharmaceutical industry. This clip was done Nov 4, 2009 and lasts about 10 minutes.

Dr. Russell Blaylock is a board certified neurosurgeon, author and lecturer. He has written extensively on health and nutrition, excitotoxins, MSG, fluoride toxicity, vaccinations and natural strategies for cancer patients. This particular clip is from Feb 2012 on Natural News where Alex Jones interviews Dr. Blaylock. It is approximately 35 minutes.

"It is absolutely proven if you massively stimulate the immune system systemically, that is by a vaccine, it will massively activate the brain's special immune system which is governed by microglia cells and these pour out excitotoxins into the brain as well as inflammatory cytokines for months even years, that's what's producing the damage and the death in these children. This has been done experimentally in animals thousands of laboratories all over the country." Russell Blaylock MD


Dr. Andrew Wakefield , academic gastroenterologist, particularly interested in inflammatory bowel disease, has authored around 130 articles, His most prominent study, published in the Lancet Med Journal, controversially linked the MMR vaccination to autism (1998). The journal later retracted it because of Brian Deer's accusations of fraud. and Dr. Wakefield here defends his Research, April 16th 2011. Approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes.

These are a small group of doctors that are all against vaccination, believing the practice neither safe nor effective.  NEVERMIND the rest of them!! 

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