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Last Updated: 8/29/2012

I need an ipad...I mean I really really REALLY NEED that ipad....okay, alright-already!!  So I don't need it, but I WANT it....BAD!  That is why when we went on vacation recently....we took Flat Dr. Dan with us!!  I drove my husband and my kids crazy with..."WAIT...let's take that pic with Dr. Dan in it."  That's worth something isn't it?

I recently started orthodontic treatment at "Fifty-something" years old.  This will be my second time in braces, since 40 +yrs ago they didn't give out retainers for long term.  Due to aging and movement of teeth it was a choice I was forced into.  We chose Dr. Dan at German Orthodontics.  When our 13yr old started her treatment, I decided to jump on in the band-wagon and go with her.    We both got the Invisalign braces and we have high hopes for great results.  My hopes include really FAST results!!  I don't like the way I sound talking with them in. 

Meanwhile, I've been wanting an ipad for a long time, but haven't been able to really justify the expense.  It is especially hard now since my husband is unemployed.  Times are hard everywhere and we've been here before but it's never something you #1 expect, or #2 plan for, or #3 enjoy.  Yet we trust that God will provide, He always does.  When I saw the "Flat Dr. Dan - Win an ipad" contest while at our orthodontist visit.......I knew I was in it for the win.  I promptly took home the Dr. Dan pictures, cut them out and put them on sticks.  We've had a blast including him in family events!

We took him bowling at Kids Bowl Free http://www.kidsbowlfree.com/......Dylan w/Dr. Danand he watched while I bowled my BEST EVER SCORE of 179.  

All the other bowlers wondered what was making all of us laugh and yell so hard at our lane.  The kids were taking turns holding Dr. Dan and finding funny ways to make him "stand-up".  Eventually we finished bowling and moved on. 

Next I took him to The Big Latch On In Dayton, OH.  http://www.biglatchon.org/  We had  8,862 mother-baby pairs all nursing at the same time in 626 locations across 23 countries.  While on location Dr. Dan got some scars after being carried around by one little boy, Finn, who very much enjoyed making him dance to the beat of HIS drum!  Finn at The Big Latch OnThe good doctor even lost his arms in the ordeal, but we were able to perform "surgery" to reattach them without any long-term ill effects.  Okay, he did have one permanent injury, the apparent gun-shot-type wound to the head.  (You will notice it in all the remaining photos.)

Then the whole family (minus one spouse-boo... Randy Garber couldn't come) piled into the 3-vehicle caravan and headed out to Ellijay, GA where we had already rented a house for the first annual Easthon-family vacation.  It was beautiful and we had an awesome time.  Dr. Dan joined us on vacation this year.  

We went hiking...where we saw lions, and tigers and bears, OH MY!...ok, not really but we did see a stuffed bear at the hiker's station. 

And swimming....where Dr. Dan had to sit with Barbie to make sure she didn't get wet.  

And tubing (sorry, couldn't take you tubing, Doc), and to the gun range, to the recreation center for basketball and ping pong.  

And shopping....to antique stores, and jewelry-making stores, pottery stores and apple orchards and country stores.  Here he took a rest on the scarecrow while some of us shopped inside.

The house had a pool table in the basement and lots & lots of eating!  We spent lots of time enjoying each other, playing games, talking and laughing.  I even practiced doing Raindrop Technique on a couple of the kids and husband.

Nevermind me, Whatcha think?  That worth an ipad??

 Thanks for joining us, Dr. Dan....hope you had fun!!  

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