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- Whatís NOT Appropriate for Facebook??

Last Updated: 7/15/2011

Well, if you ask facebook, they "supposedlyĒ will not allow obscenity.  Iíve seen some very racy pictures though, which I would totally classify as porn.  Not going to post any here.  They will also shut down a profile for having breastfeeding or birth pictures.  Iíve even seen birth pictures taken down that had absolutely nothing private showing.  Like this one DFE Photography, Gina giving birththat went absolutely viral when it went up.  It belongs to a FB friend and right in the moment it was being snapped she was saying, "I LOVE YOU, BABY!!!!Ē  I think it is one of the most fabulous birth pictures Iíve ever seen. The photographer captured the beauty and emotion and instinct with clarity.  Dad is receiving the baby and there is no one else in the shot except for mother, father and baby.  Iíd love to see it in color, thatís my only thing, I love color.  Facebook took it down right quick.  Not before it did go viral, and the photographer said it had the most views on her site of any she had posted yet.  Do YOU see anything wrong/offensive in it?  Here is the photographer's website, go check it out for other FABULOUS birth shots!

I sat in on a conference call yesterday on VBAC given by the passionate and lovely Laureen Hudson.  She is a VBAC mother and fellow midwifery student at my school, Ancient Art of Midwifery.  I am also a VBAC mother.  I had 4 induced VBACs (no less) followed by 2 CBACs.  (VBAC: vaginal birth after cesarean, CBAC: cesarean birth after cesarean).  Of my 4 cesareans, really only NONE were necessary.  I digress, thatís for another post.  Anyway, so Laureen had all these wonderful things to say and I was all pumped up and emotional so I posted a quote as my facebook status before I ran out the door for a ballgame.

This is what I put up:  "the uterus is a muscle...If a MAN injures his muscle in a SPORT...after it heals he is encouraged to get OUT THERE and USE it...... remember the uterus is a muscle, after surgery it HEALS!" Laureen Hudson, paraphrased. I ran out the door and when I got home, I had 18 likes and 18 comments.  It sparked a lively debate because someone believed it was not appropriate for facebook.  He (you didnít think it was a SHE did you?)  He thinks that there are some things you just donít share with certain people.  He then removed me from his friends.  Okay.  That made me sad, because it is someone I care very deeply about.  It also made me stop and think, WAS it inappropriate?  I just donít believe so.  People know what I do.  I serve birthing women.  People come to me and ask me birthing things.  SOMETIMES it makes a difference for them.  Sometimes not.  But SOMETIMES it does.  I have a lot of my kidís friends on my friend list and they may not hear this kind of thing often.  In fact, Iím sure they donít.  Sometimes my KIDS are embarrassed by the birth-related and anti-vaccine related things I post.  BUT sometimes their friends call me with questions.  I may not make a difference for everyone, but SOMETIMES I make a difference for SOMEONE.

In our country we have a cesarean rate of over 32%.  Look here for a visual.  ITís only getting worse.  That is in first-time healthy moms.  That is, in my opinion, criminal when there really only should be 10-15%.  If you have time, pick up a copy of Cesarean Voices and see what difference that surgery makes in the life of a mother/baby.  Listen to what WOMEN say about the surgery and its impact on the health, their life, the life of their baby, the life of their whole family.  Many hospitals and in fact, some whole STATES have terrible VBAC rates, when 75% (or MORE) of women COULD successfully VBAC.  And it IS safer than major surgery.  Even for women with MULTIPLE cesareans under their belt.  Okay, I take that back.  Cesarean is safer.  Itís safer for the DOCTOR, because there is then ZERO chance that heíll be sued.  So for LIABILITYís sake, cesarean is safer.  But THAT doesnít benefit the mother/baby.  For THEMÖ.VBAC is safer. 

Yes, Iím a little passionate about this issue, can you tell?  What do YOU think?  Was that comment inappropriate for MY OWN facebook page?

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