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- Vaccine Reaction - Testimony - told by Kate

Last Updated: 6/5/2013

My daughter was born a perfectly healthy 6 lbs 15 ounces. We declined any vaccinations or shots in the hospital stating we were following a modified vaccine schedule.  My first child had had no adverse reactions to vaccinations whatsoever his first 18 months but I had learned a little more about them and around that time I felt more comfortable using a modified and delayed schedule. My daughter had a bit of jaundice and gained weight slowly her first week or so of life but quickly bounced back and began rapidly gaining weight. She nursed exclusively and voraciously and by 10 weeks had more than doubled her birth weight. She was the chunkiest little thing and was a very strong and alert baby. She rolled over very early and at only three and a half months could sit and stand with only minimal support. When she was four months old she received her first set of shots, all of the standard 2 month shots with the exception of the varicella vaccine and the Hepatitis B vaccine.

(* MY commentsThe 2 month recommended vaccinations are:  Hep B, RV, DTaP, Hib, PCV, IPV.  She declined the Hep B, so she would have received 5 shots.  RV (Rotavirus), DTaP (Diphteria, Tetanus, and Pertussis) Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type B), PCV (Pneumococcal), IPV (Polio)  So antigens against 7 diseases.)

When we got home that day she had a bit of a fever but nothing out of the ordinary and we thought everything was fine. For the next week or so she seemed a bit lethargic but still seemed pretty normal. About a month later we realized her rapid weight gain seemed to be slowing but we just thought this was typical. She weighed more than 15 pounds at only 4 months so we had no reason to be concerned. Over the next couple months she seemed to be getting smaller and smaller but it wasn't until she was about eight and a half months that I started to worry. Everyone reminded me that her brother is a pretty small child, I am a pretty small adult and most of my family is quite small and that she was probably just going to be a small person as well.  However she was to the point where she was sleeping almost all the time, had no energy while she was awake and I realized she was beginning to lose weight. 

We decided it was time to seek help from a doctor. Our pediatrician had just moved to California and we hadn't found a new pediatrician yet so we saw the first available doctor that day. At that appointment the doctor we saw showed some slight concern but preferred to berate me for my decisions as far as vaccines and well baby visits and mostly brushed off our concerns. A few weeks later I decided that this was not okay and made another appointment.  She was almost ten months old and very small and couldn't sit up at all. She wasn't crawling at all and her physical development was very delayed. At that appointment we realized she’d lost another 8 ounces and the doctor we saw wanted her to be admitted to the nearest children’s hospital that day.

11 months old

Before we left somehow we were talked into giving her the next set of shots despite her deteriorating condition and this is something I very much regret.  We spent over a week in the hospital with her and she received every test imaginable. Everything came back negative and we spent our time there being forced to feed her horribly unhealthy foods and my breast milk was constantly being attacked. Every single doctor immediately assumed my breast milk was the problem and pushed for us to give her formula. We did not want to supplement her but in case it got to the point where it became necessary, an amazing friend of ours brought a ton of pumped milk for her. The second we mentioned having donor milk as an option suddenly none of the doctors wanted her to have something other than my milk. She continued to go up and down with her weight and finally we were released from the hospital and were told we could continue treatment from home.

We spent the next couple months doing more and more tests and around her first birthday she had an endoscopy. The only thing that ever came back abnormal was evaluation of her digestive enzymes seemed to be very off. Finally we got to the point where we felt like she was relatively stable and we couldn't handle the invasive testing and treatments that led  absolutely nowhere and decided to take a break and monitor her ourselves.

Over a few months she started to maintain her weight and eventually started gaining weight. She started crawling and when she was about 16 months old she started walking. After another couple months she was a walking, talking, super chunky toddler and it was hard to believe that she had ever been so unhealthy.

The only conclusion we have ever been able to draw was that her failure to thrive was caused by the vaccinations she received. The timing of her illness and the shots she received make it very hard to deny that they were the cause. Once it had been about six months since her last set of shots she slowly started to recover and I think her body was working the chemicals out of her system and trying to recover from the vaccine damage.

We did a lot of research during this time and met many parents with children who had similar experiences and found out so much more about vaccinations than we had known previously. This was a horrible time for our family but in a way we are grateful to have had an experience that led us to new information that will now keep our family healthier and happier in the long run.

Thankfully Kate's daughter continues doing well.  Unfortunately that isn't always the case.  Please do your research....NEVERMIND everyone else's opinion.  Listen to your intuition.  The biggest regret you will ever have will be not following your own intuition.  Do the research for yourself, the results of the decision can be life-altering.

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