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- If you were to give yourself advice......

Last Updated: 11/11/2013

A Letter to Myself,

Releasing the negativity in life will help you to stop holding yourself back - first from being the person you want to be - second from doing the things you want to do and third from experiencing the utmost satisfaction possible in all your relationships.

Much of the negative banter that rolls around in your head is about things you COULD easily change.  You have the tools and the capability of changing them.  You don't even need a plan, just the motivation - remember what your mother always used to say, "nothing to it, but to do it".  Pick a thing and DO IT. 

Much of your negative physical thoughts just require the discipline of ordering your time/activities.  This will require planning.  In order to "not miss appointments" you need to:

  •  #1 Write them down,
  • #2 Look at the calendar - do it at night and first thing in the morning. 


Make yourself a new mantra - PLAN AHEAD.  You are a list person - utilize that tool.  Start writing things down consistently again.  Once you write it down you can forget/release it.  So much of your stress/worry is about forgetting things and what you WISH you were/could do/experience/and be.

You have regret/sorrow in your Spirituality/Relationship with God because you don't make the time to cultivate it.  You cannot expect to see Him/feel Him if you are not reading His Word, praying and looking for Him to act and listening for Him to speak on a daily basis.  You SAY that the Lord is the most important thing in life to you, but yet your actions don't portray that as truth.  Be true to yourself.  If that IS true, then start living like it.

Your next big sorrow, source of negative energy is the conflict in your marriage.  God desires for THAT relationship to reflect His relationship to the church.  He does not mean for it to be a source of sorrow, but of love and companionship.  Jesus gave His life for the church in LOVE.  In marriage, we are to SERVE one another.  Yet, we cannot control the OTHER person or their actions.  Neither do we bear responsibility for the actions/reactions/lack of actions.  We are responsible for only our OWN actions/reactions.  FOCUS ON THAT - NEVERMIND your "feelings" over things that you cannot control.  Emotions/feelings are fleeting and can change on a dime.  If you order your actions/reactions in LOVE, TRUTH & SERVICE then your feelings will follow.  If you don't desire sarcasm, instead of reflecting it back, call it out as what it is.  DIVORCE ALL negative reactions.  Refuse to be shut down and don't shut yourself down.  Deal with things in the moment.  If you don't, then your body will continue to pay for YOUR reactions to the ALLEGED wrongs perpetrated against you.  You desire to live an authentic life - one that exudes and receives LOVE and COMPANIONSHIP.  Stop focusing on the things he does wrong and instead spend that energy on BEING the best wife/companion/friend that YOU can be.  That means no more excuses.  Cultivate, listen, do - when you invest your energy, work, spirit - the "feelings" of love will follow.  BE REAL.  Stop wallowing in sorrow & regret.  Name things and move on.  You CAN only control YOU, so DO it.  Be the partner that you want.

The same lies true for friendships outside your home - STOP whining about not having any friends.  Reconnect with old friends and find targets for new ones.  Don't avoid situations like the ball field, for lack of friends - look around, someone else is probably needing a friend too.  Life's about changing.  There's a cycle to things.  Be flexible.  Seek to serve.

The last area of negativity and regret is wasted time especially in regards to computer/TV.  If you work all the OTHER areas, then this one should take care of itself.  No more excuses.  it is (computer/facebook/email) a good source of information and companionship and marketing.  BUT - you NEED more real-life, so invest more there. 


OWN truth, wear it as a cloak.  The truth will set you free.       

Above all - Never be complacent, Never give up, Silence the negativity with truth and action.

One foot in front of the other, one thing at a time.

Every day is a new beginning to be the person you want to be and to start surrounding yourself with loving relationships.

Go back over these goals and DO SOMETHING EVERY DAY that moves you closer -

Spiritually, Relationally, Physically, Emotionally, and Personally.

Nevermind what anybody else says, thinks, does.

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