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- More on Forced Vaccination in the Workplace

Last Updated: 10/24/2012

Just since my last post of Employer's forcing vaccinations, I've had several more pleas for help with this. and then came across this video It is SOOOOO well worth the time to watch it.

And then attorney Alan Phillips speaks again here with Dr. Eisenstein.

It is very important to realize that this is neither an isolated incident happening in just a few places, nor is it likely to end with just the annual flu shot. Many health care facilities also require the Hep B series/updates. Sometimes it is also the Varicella vaccine, many times whether or not you've had the disease and can provide positive titers. What is with all this recent push and strong-armed tactics? Where will it end? Should we just roll up our sleeve and take one for the team, so to speak? For the good of all mankind? What about the young, the weak, the lowly? Conspiracy theory anyone?

As my friend Gail Hart said, "someTIMES -- time eventually proves the theory was correct!...Nixon really WAS illegally bombing Cambodia....Walt Disney really did work with the CIA.....Reagan really DID give weapons to Iran in return for hostages,....Bill Clinton really DID have a quickie on the side....Those black helicopters really WERE flying around our region.....the NSA really DOES exist and really does monitor communications.....Major industries really DID cover up pollution spills.....Electronic voting machines really WERE rigged in favor of republican votes in at least one state last elections......I never dismiss a good conspiracy theory! Sometimes they are true, and they are always entertaining."

Are you considered paranoid if somebody really IS OUT TO GET YOU????

Here are some video clips on different conspiracy theories, kinda fun to watch and think about.


Sample Medical Contraindication form.


Josh Groban...here he is singing about the end of appartheid.  I would suggest that people are being "discriminated against" for refusal to bow to the religious practice of vaccination.  It has become as divisive as religion and/or politics.  Your ability to live well, and free and perform all the duties God has for you is hovering on a precipice, please do not concede.  Please consider carefully what will happen if you submit........

I know so many mothers weeping for the devastation forced upon them and their children.  I am one of them.  Don't you be one.  Stand up for yourself now before it is no longer an option.  Media, Big Pharma, AMA, AAP, WHO, FDA are all pushing these DRUGS....NEVERMIND them!!  Just say NO!

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