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Last Updated: 7/12/2012

Currently in the United States, all states have a medical exemption available. A medical exemption requires a physician to write a statement, or fill out a form, stating that your child cannot medically submit to vaccination because it would be a detriment to his health.  Many states have a philosophical exemption available which means you may just say it is against your own personal belief system.  You are not required to state WHAT that belief system is or includes.  You can write your own exemption form, or ask if the school has one that you can just sign.  Make sure to be careful to NOT sign anything that says you are putting your child at risk by not vaccinating.  If that is on the form, just cross it out.

These states currently (2012)  do NOT allow a philosophical exemption:  AK, AL, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MA, MD, MO, MS, MT, NC, NE, NH, NJ, NV, NY, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, VA, WY  (31). 

There is also a religious exemption available in all except 3 states.  MS, WVA and CA don't allow the religious exemption.  CA does allow the philosophical exemption and that can encompass religious reasons.  A religious exemption doesn't require you to belong to a particular religion that is against vaccination.  It just means that you must have a religious objection.  It is very easy to write out a religious object based upon Scripture.  It is also easy to write one based on a humanistic religious belief system.  You don't HAVE to write it out (although it is a very good idea to do-so and to be very clear in your mind why you believe the way that you do) you merely have to state that you have one.  You should be able to defend your position if you are ever called upon to do so. 

Because I live in Ohio, and most people that ask me about this also live in Ohio, I will address Ohio-specific law requirements.  For other states you can look HERE.

In Ohio, for all schools, including college, you may opt out of vaccination for any of the 3 reasons.  If you have a physician that will sign off on a medical exemption, that would be the strongest exemption and will probably never be revoked.  I would encourage everyone that has a child that has had a reaction to any vaccination, make sure that information is entered into his medical record and noted with physician signature.  Encourage the physician to file a report with VAERS and follow up to make sure he does.  If he does NOT do it, then do it yourself. I would ask him at the time of the reaction to write a medical exemption for your child.  Most physicians are very slow to admit any vaccine reaction and are even more slow to state in writing further vaccination would be harmful for a particular child.  You can point out that most vaccine information inserts say that a prior reaction is reason NOT to further vaccinate.  Have him pull out the package insert and show it to him on the spot. He may still refuse, but you certainly will never get one if you don't ask. 

Most schools will just state that you MUST be vaccinated in order to attend them.  That is simply not true as we've now discussed.  Just ask the school if they have a particular exemption form, and if they do not, write out your own. 

It can state very simply:  As the parent of Johnny Doe, we are employing the State of Ohio's Religious exemption to vaccination.  Dated:  Whatever the date,       Signed:  Jane Doe

For higher education institutions you only need to supply a statement that discloses your child's vaccination status.  It does NOT REQUIRE vaccination or proof of vaccination, just disclose the vaccination status.  Download the form here if the institution will not provide it for you.  

Dr. Eisenstein has a series of vaccine webinars including How to Write a Valid Legal Waiver for Vaccines, HERE if you feel this simple information doesn't answer all of your questions.  

So...to that particular friend of mine, just had by Cedarville University....shame, shame on them.  Perhaps you need to educate them?


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