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- Normalizing birth....Do your part!!

Last Updated: 8/16/2013

You know how when you see someone who is pregnant many people will ask, "which hospital are you going to in order to have your baby?"  or "who's your doctor?" 


what if instead we said.......


"You are going to have your baby at home right?" or "Are you using a midwife or going unassisted?"


Because we know that BIRTH is a NORMAL, physiological process that rarely needs intervention why would we assume that all mothers need to go to a hospital to give birth?  It will most times happen without fanfare if the body is left to do the work itself.


The body knows what to do.  It is able to conceive, and nourish the baby, and it is also able to birth the baby, most times without any assistance.  Even a woman in a coma is able to birth vaginally.


Lisa Boland, a mother from Derbyshire, describes her birth, which she accomplished during a coma.... she does say she needed forceps to birth the head/shoulders.... but I just WONDER if they had not come in to check her, instead of finding the head coming out, they may have found the whole BABY out....

Here's another story of a mother birthing vaginally during a coma.  Chastity Cooper, was induced and birthed vaginally when her medical team decided a surgical birth was too risky for her situation

So what should you say out in community to help normalize birth?  It's time to STOP assuming women should be going to the hospital to give birth.  Pregnancy is not an illness, nor is childbirth usually an emergency.


Following is the story of one of my friends, who shares what her 3yr old daughter said when she was questioned about birth.  This is what happened when she had her family out shopping at Wal-Mart.


Creepy old guy at Wal-Mart: "Are all these kids yours?"

My interjection:  (ALL THESE KIDS????  REALLY??  Four children is ALL THESE KIDS????  That's hardly a Guinness book record.  (wiki answers says 10% of families have 4 children.)

Me: "Yes..."
Him: "I mean, by blood?"


My interjection again:  (What the heck??  You don't know any couples that have stayed together and had four children together???)

Me: "Yes...."
Him to my 3yo: "So, you're a big sister, huh?"
3yo: "Yep."


Here she is awaiting the arrival of her sibling.

Him: "Were you a good girl when your mommy went to the hospital to have the baby?"

So by this time, I'm thinking this guy must want my entire life story. And apparently my 3 year old felt the same way, because she responded with:

"My mommy doesn't go to the hospital. Our baby came of out her BAGINA in our BAFFTUB. There was lots and lots and LOTS of blood. You couldn't even BEWEEV it."


Nice work, Tammy Outlaw-Miller, you're raising the next generation to look at birth normally, without fear!!  YOU ROCK!!

Can you see this little cutie-pie's personality?  She's doing her part....what about you??

Nevermind what OTHER PEOPLE do.... YOU go out and make a difference....TODAY!!

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