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- Jesus isn’t nice.....and neither am I......

Last Updated: 2/4/2014

Here is what I see - you are being led to the slaughter, just like a sheep.  I have to get your attention.  How do you get the attention of someone? 

  • Speak louder
  • Short, snappy words
  • Call out to them, by name
  • Tap them on the shoulder
  • Take them by the hand
  • If it's a child, hold their hand or pick them up
  • Appeal to them                        
  • Warn them
  • Words
  • Actions
  • Prayer

But you see, what if you house is burning down?  Should I stop and worry about your feelings if I have to wake you up to get you out of there?  I'm worried about your life and well-being and that of your children.  If I don't speak out in a manner that gets your attention, then I am complacent and guilty of whatever it is that befalls you.

SO...if you come to me BEFORE you do something, asking me how to minimize the damages of said thing, I will NOT answer that part of your request.  Instead, I will invest everything in me into stopping you from doing said thing.  I won't be all "nice" and "oh, it's YOUR choice".  I'm not nice.  I don't sugarcoat.  Sugar is poison and bad for you.  (especially WHITE sugar).  Mary Poppins is not only make-believe, she's also a liar.  (She does sing pretty though.)  

Speak the Truth

I have a life mission.  It is programmed into my DNA.  I cannot, and I will not try to be something I am not to make YOU feel better, or to make you more comfortable in listening to me.  My primary concern and focus is your eternal security and your abundant living.  If you do not WANT to listen to me, that is up to you and perfectly within your power.  Don't.  But for ME....MY FOCUS is paramount in 3 realms and you cannot really order them because they are intertwined.

  • Spiritually
  • Emotionally
  • Physically

They are weaved together.  It happens in secret in the womb....He knit you together in your mother's womb.

Certainly different approaches work in different situations.  I am a mother of 9 children that I very affectionately nursed as infants and young children.  I treated them lovingly and with kindness.  I am a service-oriented person.  I cry at the movies and love animals.  You can CALL me harsh, but that doesn't MAKE me harsh.  My spiritual gift is prophecy.  Not in relation to telling the future, but in relation to speaking the truth.  That is the lens I look at life though.  I have friends and a husband that are gifted in mercy.  Their approach is not as direct as mine.  That is how they are created/wired/programmed.  I don't tell them how to see things, or how to respond to situations.  Know why?  Because I need them.  I need to see their perspective.  The benefit of being different is that you can also experience things from another vantage point.  We're not all the same!  Shocking isn't it?  We need each other.  Not only do I need it, but so do you.  

Here is what you will always get when you ask me something or when I enter into relationship/conversation with you:

#1 Biblical perspective as I understand it

#2 Truth

#3 Your best interests first/foremost

#4 Direct answers

Here is what you will NOT get:

#1 Sugar-coating

#2 False reassurances

#3 Pat on the back for not making a good choice

I will NOT say, "Oh, you're such a good mom, even though you choose to do something you know to be wrong because you feel bullied into it.  That's not your fault.  You're still a good mom."  No, "to him who knows the right thing to do, but doesn't do it, to him it is SIN."

Do NOT tell me how to speak, what tone to use, how to write, to be kind, to be nice or "fill-in-the-blank".... I won't tell you how to speak/act, and you do NOT get to tell ME how either.  If you don't want to hear what I have to say, then don't read it, or don't ask me.  Just do NOT tell me I need to temper anything to make it more palatable for you.

What is NICE, anyway?  I asked my Facebook friends and here is a sampling of their answers:

  • Treating others the way you would like to be treated
  • ^^Yep that was my thought too... Which upon reflection means that the someone else would hold you in as high esteem as you hold yourself
  • Not being mean
  • Friendly
  • Don't hit people when they make you VERY mad......lol
  • Humble
  • Selfless
  • My neighbor, Lester, who just snow plowed the entire alley with his new truck and steel snow blade.
  • Respect
  • Compassionate
  • Polite, respectful
  • Considerate
  • Not putting others down
  •  Offering or being present for another person to their best interest not your own
  • Considerate of other's feelings before your own
  • Empathetic, generous (with time or energy), gentle
  • Thoughtful
  • Just caring
  • Pleasant

OKAY THEN..........Here's how I want to be treated:

  • Tell me the truth, even if it's painful
  • Hold my best interests at heart

Don't be so mean, they said....and what about mean?  Here's a sampling of what people think mean means:

  • Thoughtless
  • Acting with intent to harm
  • Selfish and thoughtless people are mean
  • Hard
  • Selfish, hollering, manipulating woman I hung out with for a time, now I feel like I need therapy!
  • Unkind, apathetic, selfish
  • First thought was angry
  • Destructive
  • Lashing out hurting
  • I wouldn't say thoughtless. It's not really selfish, either. "Mean" acts are things people do intentionally that go against what would benefit someone else, or things done with the intent of inciting negative emotions from others. It all comes down to motive
  • Intent .. no judgment..good or bad
  • Lack of empathy, lack of caring about others well being
  • Intent to harm
  • Indifferent to other's pain
  • A reflection of how you see yourself, and it is usually a lack of caring and feeling of unworthiness about yourself
  • Hateful with the intent on taking it out on everyone.
  • Rude, unkind, impatient, disregarding of how others feel, with ill intent.
  • Hurt, broken and afraid. Those are the feelings I personally have been feeling when I find myself being mean. Defined? Self centered.

But what about love....Here is what people think love means:

  • Actions
  • Jesus
  • God
  • Caring more for someone else than you care for yourself
  • Never ending
  • Affection
  • It should always, always come first.
  • God
  • Where there's love, there is No fear
  • Giving
  • My kids
  • Raging. Truth. Honesty. Sacrifice. Hard. Selfless. Passionate. Giving
  • Jesus.
  • Putting someone else's needs before yours
  • Compassion♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
  • Open
  • Fearless, compassion, family no matter what
  • Selfless
  • Music of the soul
  • Putting others before yourself
  • Unwavering selflessness

I spent quite a bit of time in the scriptures, especially in the words "written in red" and I find Jesus being direct, overturning the tables of the money-changers including their seats, calling people:  hypocrites, brood of vipers, saying beware of false prophets, be gone, O men of little faith, why are you timid, woe to you, you shall descend to Hades, you evil and adulterous generation, unbelieving and perverted generation, fools, blind guides.....all in the book of Mathew.  I bet a lot of that was hard to hear, uncomfortable, didn't feel "nice" or "loving".

2 Corinthians 10: 3-6  "For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh, for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the DESTRUCTION OF FORTRESSES.  We are DESTROYING SPECULATIONS and EVERY LOFTY THING raised up against the KNOWLEDGE OF GOD, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, and we are ready to punish all disobedience, whenever your obedience is complete."  (emphasis mine)

And there you have it..... I am driven by love for the Lord, love for truth, love for my fellow man.... and if there is something that is TRUTH....THAT is what I stand for.  I will always err on the side of truth over making someone feel good about themselves.  I am just as much like the next person in wanting to be liked, BUT I will never put THAT over and above TRUTH or someone's well-being.

My list of passionate causes:

Eternal Life & living to please the Savior:  Christian perspective, based on my understanding of and belief in the Holy Scriptures

Health Care:  Should be done with the HOME as the center, personal responsibility, healthy life practices, healthy diet, consulting the LORD first in times of illness/injury, utilizing the medicines God created from the plants, our foods, herbs & essential oils

Birth:  In the absence of clinical indications of need, should be done at home, under the mother's authority/power, rarely needs medical intervention (doctor/surgeon), when it DOES need medical intervention it should STILL be done under the mother's authority/power with the physicians offering her FULL informed consent....(informed consent means without bullying and she retains the power to say no, without threat of harm for herself or her baby)

Vaccination:  Always harmful, never helpful or beneficial

Education:  Falls under the responsibility of the PARENT not the STATE, the parent may delegate

Circumcision:  Harmful medical practice, NOT beneficial for any non-religious purpose, NOT required as a Christian, and in fact, cautioned AGAINST, NOT the same practice as God instructed Abraham in the Old Testament


**thoughts from a friend of mine: "Ezekiel 33 is pretty clear about our responsibilities to sound the alarm when there is definitely a threat - vaccine damage/death is a reality for many of the moms now in our sphere of influence. Some of us moms are worn out already.  Fighting an uphill battle means we give up telling the truth out of self defense and sheer daily workloads. We're going to pay the price for NOT speaking up.


**  NOT ME.... I'm not giving up, I've counted the costs for both choices and the cost would be too high to stop speaking out, what about you?




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