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- Itís not HIP....itís HORRIFYING....

Last Updated: 8/7/2013

One Less......I want to be ONE LESS....


How about one less DEAD or DISABLED.......


As of 2010 about 8 million have gotten the Gardasil vaccine. Approved in 2006 for girls as young as 9, over 8,854 adverse events under freedom of information act (by 2010).

Yet according to the FDA "infections caused by HPV actually pose no danger in healthy women and are usually short lived." not only that, but there is increased risk of developing precancerous lesions (as much as 44.6% by vaccinating women who are already sero-positive with HPV with the Gardasil vaccine.

Hundreds of thousands of women have colposcopy done, and in 98 out of 100 of them cancer is not found. 70% of cases heal themselves within 12 months, and 90% in 2 years. The body heals, it is designed to heal. Given the right fuel and lifestyle (not smoking, proper nutrition, exercise, emotional wellness) the body will heal.

Some HPV facts from NVIC


  • HPV is one of the most commonly transmitted STDs
  • Out of more than 40 types of HPV, only 15 types are associated with cancer of the cervix
  • HPV infection is experienced by the MAJORITY of sexually active men and women and is naturally cleared from the body within 2 yrs by more than 90% of those
  • Antibodies to HPV remain helping prevent future re-infection



To report a vaccine adverse event, go HERE.  

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