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- Think you’ve heard it all?

Last Updated: 6/30/2013

Think you've heard everything?  Sometimes I say that nothing can or will surprise me, but then something just knocks my socks off again.  I had a very hard time deciding what category/menu to place this post under.  I choose illness because it has to do with choosing a physician.  That is something most of us have or we WANT to have in the event we have something we cannot handle on our own.  Unfortunately we can't order our own lab work or prescribe our own medications in the rare event they are needed.

So here we go... take a look at this lovely mother.  She has graciously shared both her photo and her story in order to spread the message that people need to be diligent in their choice of a physician.

So...whatcha think?  Do you think she looks pregnant?  Or if she's not pregnant then that would mean she's just very much overweight.  Do you think she LOOKS like she is PREGNANT 
(by like the baby belly bump....and the very slim looking face and arms)?  

Or  could she possibly be just obese?

Following is Mikala's story of her visit to a new-to-her General Practitioner.  She is currently obtaining care from an OB for her pregnancy but was looking for a new GP.  I totally empathize with her plight, having been looking for a family doctor for a good many years.  I'll just go ahead and cross this one off the potential list without making a visit.

Here's her story in her own words:  "I seriously have ZERO faith left in the medical community. My husband and I just switched to a new GP, Dr Dange. My first appt with her was in January, and she wanted me to have fasting blood work and return for a follow up in a month. I found out I was pregnant and had terrible morning sickness, so fasting blood work was out of the question for awhile. The office called me for months nagging me to reschedule, and every time I told them why I was putting it off. I finally made the appt (to get them off my back), and I went in today. I mentioned the pregnancy SEVERAL times to the doc. Then she started the physical exam and when she was examining my belly told me that I needed to get rid of it. I laughed because I thought it was a typical "tease the fat pregnant lady" comment. Then she said again that I needed to lose the belly. I thought she was saying that I was gaining my pregnancy weight too quickly. So my thought was "ummm if my OB has no issues with it, then I really don't care what you think" but I said "well, I'm gaining the weight at the same rate as I did with my daughter and I lost all that weight immediately so I am not concerned." She said something about my daughter being 2 years old, and I said I didn't even diet and I lost it all right away. So she points to my belly and says verbatim "then what's this?" I said "uhhhh another baby!!" She gets this shocked look on her face and said something about my "weight" not being distributed like a normal weight gain and that I don't have a flabby belly.  I was just so shocked because I had mentioned it several times before she even did the physical exam. I don't know if she just thought I was obsessed with talking about my pregnancy 2.5 years ago or what!!  Clearly the office staff never wrote it in my chart or the doctor never bothered to look at it.  I usually get recommendations for a physician first, and we were referred to another doc in this practice. However he couldn't get us in for like a month, and my husband was desperate for an immediate appt. We agreed to go with this doc because she didn't have many patients. Now I know why. My mom was just saying today that she has never seen anyone with worse luck with doctors than I've had, and I said "now you see where my total distrust of the medical community has come from in the past few years!!"    Then to make matters even funnier... I ran through Wendy's after my appt because I had to fast for the blood work and was STARVING. And the lady at the window said "oh I see you're eating for two!" Normally I would think that was pretty ballsy of her to say that, but this time I just thought "wow, the Wendy's cashier could tell I was pregnant sitting in my car and my doctor couldn't while feeling my belly!!!!!!!!!" "

The physician she saw:  Sulabha Dange at Lincoln Park Internal Medicine, Kettering, OH

Here are some other patient reviews located about her/her care.  I was especially amused by this one: 

"Dr. Dange was incredibly rude. She told me that my thyroid symptoms ( I have hupothyroid) were all in my head! She was very forceful about prescribing a very strong dose of Wellbutrin and Zoloft. I said I did not want that, and she said I would regret the decision not to take the AD. I went there to get a referral to an Endocrinlogist, and only received a bizarre lecture. I will not go back to Dr. Dange."

According to the above website, Dr. Dange has 26 years of experience....26 years....and she couldn't recognize that this woman is pregnant....the Wendy's worker could recognize it from the drive-through window.  Even after being told multiple times, and when confronted with her mistake instead of apologizing she made excuses.  Is it any wonder at ALL when someone runs into a physician like this they place no faith or trust in their opinion??

NEVERMIND this one....keep on looking!  I've been looking for a family physician for a good six years since the one we used when my older children were little moved away.  He offered me respect, care, understanding and if he didn't know something, he looked for someone else that did.  He apologized when wrong (which happened, but made me "love" him all the more).  I've tried 4 other ones and am still looking.  

What about you?  Have a good family physician that respects you and your opinions/choices?

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