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- Risks versus Benefits.....

Last Updated: 5/2/2012

What IF you wanted some food from your favorite local restaurant.  What IF you just want the food.  Let's just evaluate some risks versus some benefits of ways to obtain said food to help us make our decision.  You could just go through the drive-through, get your food, take it home, eat it how you want to, where you want to, when you want to.....OR.....you could go TO the restaurant, order your food, wait for them to bring it to you, eat it there and then go home.  Either way you get the food, right? 

BUT.... an underlying theme is prevalent....the restaurant wants you to eat the food THERE because they are going to make more money that way.  They advertise EVERYWHERE how GREAT it is to dine-in...how silly you would be to use the drive-through.  There is a LARGE surcharge for every person who dines in.  ALSO...if you eat the food there, you have to do it WHERE THEY want you to...the regular dining room, patio, or standing up at the bar...AND.... you have to do it HOW they want you to....standing up, sitting down maybe on the floor, maybe you get a chair,  or even lying down.  They might even tie you down.  You also have to use whatever utensils they give you.  They may give you a knife and fork, or maybe a spoon, or maybe they'll give you chopsticks or maybe you won't get any utensils at all, maybe you'll have to eat it with your hands.  If you go through the drive-through you can eat your food any way you want to, with whatever utensils you choose, in any manner you choose.

WHAT IF....you have a benefactor who will pay for you to eat your food at the restaurant?  He doesn't want to pay for you to go through the drive-through though, he will only pay if you go into the restaurant.  That means you have to do it on THEIR terms.  He says that it's really only safe to eat AT the restaurant because you might choke on your food, and then whoever is with you at home wouldn't know how to handle that, so it's just not safe to eat at home.  That's why he'll only pay for you to dine-in.  Only the workers at the restaurant know how to SAFELY handle a choking incident....that's what your benefactor believes.  You, however, know THAT is not true!  You know how to chew your food well, not talk while chewing, not bite off too big of a bite.  Even on the off-chance you DID choke, your partner knows how to do the Heimlich maneuver....and you know how to do it yourself, even if he wasn't there.  So if you want to go through the drive-through, you're going to have to pay for it yourself.

Also, every now and again, a car will break down in the drive through line, which would force you to have to go inside anyway.  So...since you MIGHT need to go inside should you just go ahead and PLAN to eat there?

Now...there's ONE MORE THING.  WHAT IF....every 3rd person going inside the restaurant is shot.  AND if you've been there before and you were one of the ones that WAS shot....for every 10 of these people, NINE of them will be shot again.  It's usually not a fatal shot though, it's just in the shoulder or the belly.  You won't USUALLY die from it.  You still get your food though.  You might be injured bad enough to not be ABLE to do many things normally again.  Maybe it'll be in the face and you'll lose your teeth so you probably won't be able to eat normally ever again.  It's a pretty rare thing, but every so often it does happen.  If you're badly hurt, you're not going to want to eat ever again and food will no longer hold the same appeal it once did. 

The one risk to going through the drive through is that when you get home, the food might be the wrong food.  Maybe it's not cooked right, so you shouldn't eat it without more preparation or extra cooking.  Now you have to go back to the restaurant and get the right order.  It's usually not going to be anything that threatens your life though.  One in every ten meals will need a small adjustment and usually you can do it yourself at home, and one in one hundred will need extra ingredients only available back at the restaurant.  Fortunately, you can almost always tell just by the look and smell of the food if you need anything extra and have plenty of time to get back to the restaurant before the food spoils.

Which risks do YOU want?  Are you willing to RISK being shot, and being told how and with what to eat your food?  If you were shot before, do you want to risk being shot again?  After all, 9 out of every 10 previously shot, WILL BE SHOT AGAIN.


If you hadn't guessed yet, this is an analogy to hospital birth verses home birth.  33.2% of women going into a hospital will have a cesarean birth. 90% of women with a prior cesarean will have another one.  This is not for the benefit of the mother/baby.  Many times it is for the facility or the provider's liability (prior c-section, mother's had prolonged or premature rupture of membranes, breech baby, multiples).  Women are free to decide where, how and with whom to birth their babies.  Unfortunately many women do not know this or do not believe it is true.  They don't trust in the body's ability to birth without interventions.  The regulation of midwifery limits women's choices of birth attendant by legislating who may and who may NOT be considered low-risk enough to hire a licensed midwife.  The only option for women not deemed low-risk enough is an unlicensed midwife or birthing unattended.  No woman should be forced to birth without support by government interference.


Home birth is safe.  In fact it is MORE safe than the risks involved in going to a hospital for birth.  Birth is a physiological event, not a medical emergency.  Most times it needs no intervention at all.  "Birth IS safe.  It starts at safe, it's the people, places and things that make it less safe."  says Carla Hartley, founder and director of Ancient Art Midwifery.  The things that KEEP it safe, are choosing to take care of your body during your pregnancy with proper nutrition, exercise, and fresh air.  Add to that educating yourself on physiological birth and eliminating anyone/anything that will add stress or attempt to interject unnecessary tests, procedures and interventions and you will STILL BE safe.  When you pay attention to the mother's physiology and her intuition you are on the right path to REMAIN safe.


(Idea for this post was taken from Terri LaPoint's Beading-De-Beading skit at the Birth Freedom Network symposium at the Trust Birth 2012 Conference in Nashville, TN at the Hotel Preston.) 









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