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- Informed Refusal, does it exist?

Last Updated: 8/7/2013

In a facebook group I like to participate in, there was a recent post that caught my attention like a slap in the face. It wasn't pleasant and I was looking for somebody to smack back...but HARDER. Since I have to slap with my words instead of my hand, this is my retaliation.

Here is the photo that sparked my ire:

My facebook friend allowed me the use of her letter/photo along with identification of the physician (which can be seen in the letter anyway). With a little bit of help from google, I was able to find her.



She says, "My goal is to have a woman have the labor and delivery process that they WANT in a safe way, as well as helping them through the transitions that occur later on in their lives."

That is until the woman wants to decide for herself what tests and procedures to avail herself of or submit to....she'll help them UNTIL THEN....THEN....if they don't do what SHE wants....she'll just "dismiss" them from her practice.

In case you're wondering, the only reason that my friend could come up with for being dismissed, was that she refused to have a colposcopy. She called the office to ask WHY she was being dismissed and the office staff refused to answer the question and Dr. Eck has yet to return her call.  When she asked if her colposcopy refusal was the reason, her question was met with the offer to help find her another OB.  When asked to speak directly to the doctor, her physician never returned her call.  When the nurse called her back, she said she would assume that she was dropped without cause then, if not offered another explanation and be sure to inform anyone who asked her, unless the doctor gave her another explanation.  So far, she hasn't.

I've already discussed the pap smear, and the recommended procedure to follow up a pap with a suspicious finding, is the colposcopy. A colposcopy is the specialized exam (and possible biopsy) performed in the event there has been an abnormal pap smear result. Cervical tissue is examined, possibly removed and sent to a lab for biopsy results. The colposcopy machine uses magnification and light to look at the cervix.


This is a good description of a colposcopy and the procedure. It is said to be "uncomfortable, stinging, cramping, and involves some bleeding afterwards." OF NOTE: Most results come back normal and even when they show potentially abnormal cells, they are usually not cancerous and may go away of their own accord.

If you'd like to see what happens during a colposcopy INTERNALLY watch this clip. WARNING!!! GRAPHIC IMAGES, but with no sound.


Here is Dr. Hansen, from the Hansen clinic talking about abnormal pap smears and HPV and natural treatments. 


The issue with this whole situation is not that the physician recommended the colposcopy.  The recommendation IS standard of care if there is an abnormal pap result reported. 

The issue is that the physician is refusing to allow the WOMAN to make up her OWN mind and make her OWN choice for something that happens to her OWN BODY. 

What makes this Dr think she knows what is best for someone else? Why would she not just give her the pros/cons of all the choices and leave the decision up to HER? After all....it is HER body, not the doctor's.....

Your doctor is a hired consultant.  YOU ARE THE BOSS OF YOU!!!! NEVERMIND what anyone else is trying to tell you to do with YOUR OWN BODY!!!!!  

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