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- Should Parents Worry about Vaccines?

Last Updated: 4/22/2011

Just read something that totally ticked me off.  Thatís not THAT unusual, but this time I really want to call somebody and give them a piece of my mind.  I mean, seriously??  The article is about a study done which states that the majority of physicians think parentsí level of concern about vaccines has either greatly or moderately increased in the last five years.  The last statement in the article says "About one-third of physicians say the vaccine discussions were negatively affecting their job satisfaction.Ē  The article at UPI.com http://www.upi.com/Health_News/2011/04/19/Parents-worry-about-kid-vaccines-grows/UPI-13781303192109/  is focused on parental concern over the issue of vaccine safety.  Since when should I be concerned that a doctorís job satisfaction is negatively affected by answering my parenting concerns?  Seriously?  If a physician does not want to address my concerns over the care he provides or wants to provide, then perhaps itís time for him to seek a new profession.  At least it would be time for me to seek a new physician if he was reluctant to answer my concerns.  How is it that in the field of medicine a physician doesnít care about consumer satisfaction, but instead is focused on their own job satisfaction?  I think a person should be satisfied with their profession; Scripture says it is a gift from God to be happy in your work.  BUT that satisfaction should be the result of a job well-done, a product well made, services provided in excellence.  It should not be because the patient/consumer blindly follows his recommendations without questioning his reasoning, his information, his credibility, his credentials.  Do you think that maybe, just maybe parents are questioning vaccine safety because of the greatly increased rates of autism, ADD, ADHD, auto-immune disorders, increased illness/cancers in children, increased reactions, lack of credibility of the pharmaceutical companies, lack of reliability of the vaccine makers/providers, the lack of safety studies, the lack of effectiveness?  Please, parents, NEVERMIND how the doctor feels about your questions, keep asking them until you get an answer that you both understand and that satisfies your requests.  It is, after all, YOUR child, not theirs.  You are the one who will be responsible for the results of the actions that are taken, you will live with the consequences so you should understand what all of the risks & benefits are.

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