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- Iím MAD AS HELL and Iím NOT GOING TO TAKE it .....

Last Updated: 12/2/2013

I really was just minding my own business.  On my way home, I decided to stop at SAMS to pick up my prescription for my thyroid medication.  I hate that I take it, and it is the LAST pharmaceutical I'm depending on.  Unfortunately, I don't function well without it....YET anyway.... I've done very well getting off of my bio-identical hormones and my pain medications with chiropractic care and the use of essential oils.  I sleep well again using the serum Progessence Plus from Young Living, together with the oil Peace & Calming.  My oil(s) info can be found on THIS blog.  That is my "happy" blog.

I have gotten to the point that I have to keep my eyes up to eye-level when I go through the parking lot into the grocery store and I can't glance at the flashing signs outside of drug stores.  Why not, you ask?  Well, because all they do is TRY TO SHOVE VACCINATIONS DOWN EVERY THROAT THAT WALKS/DRIVES BY.... There are those signs in the parking lot...."get your flu shot, get your flu shot here!!!!"  They have the little card tables by the entry-way with nurses asking...."Do you want a flu shot?"...."Are you READY for YOUR flu shot?" No, wonder why?  Here's ONE reason:

Ummmm NO!  NO, I do NOT want one and I don't HAVE one WAITING for me, thank-you-very-much!!!!

I am SICK to the point of DEATH of every "immunization" sign, flashing sign, commercial, add in print, notices on billboards and mail-outs.  Fortunately, we are no longer insured by a company that pushes them (we use a Christian medical sharing group instead).

The last time I was in SAMS to drop OFF said prescription, I noticed every SINGLE pharmacist and pharmacy technician wearing buttons that said, "Be wise, Immunize" and "I'm an immunizing pharmacist"...makes me want to throw-UP!!  Here's a little known fact about me, I used to BE a pharmacy technician.  I started out right out of high school as a prescription label typist and moved into the role of technician in a local drug store.  After doing that a couple of years, I started working in a hospital helping to prepare dispensed medications for the hospital patients.  They didn't do this crap then.  Of course, I probably would have gone along with it at the time, as I didn't know any better.  In 1994 the first 50 pharmacists attended the first organized vaccination training program.  Thus ushered in the roll of vaccinating pharmacists.  (From here forward I will never again use the word immunization to refer to a vaccination, EVER.)  Any time I see it, other than as a direct quote, I will change it to vaccination.  Want to know why????

Want to know what set me off so badly?  I've gotten used to grumbling under my breath about the signs at the grocery, and yelling at the television every time a commercial comes on....and of putting anti-vax cards on the little card tables with nurses pushing vax.  I was NOT prepared for what hit me today.... I opened my prescription to make certain it was correct and the correct number.  It was, but the surprise that drove me stark-raving mad was the little phrase at the bottom of my pill bottle.  That little phrase says, "Adult vaccinations now available!!"  It doesn't use the word vaccination, but it DOES have the two little exclamation marks. !!    And THERE ya have it, right INTO MY HOME on that OUTSIDE of my medication bottle.  Oh, NOOOO...I do NOT THINK SO..... I was simmering, right about the time I was headed out the door....and I saw the lady smiling at me at the customer service desk.  And so, oh yes, sir I did too....I walked right over there.  I walked over there and expressed my grievous displeasure at that statement on my bottle.  I told her I have vaccine damaged children, that particular statement offends me on a deep and personal level, so much so, that I do NOT WANT TO SEE it EVER AGAIN on MY or ANY OTHER PERSON in my family's medication bottles....they better-well CUT IT OFF before I get there, or I will make sure they do it before I LEAVE.  You know why?  I'm Sick to DEATH of it....and I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!!!!

Know how much education your physician has with regards to vaccination?  How much ya think?

They wear the little buttons with their slogan...well, I'm having my OWN buttons made, and I'm going into every single store that displays those signs and express my ummmm....DISPLEASURE.....while wearing my ROCKIN AWESOME NEW BUTTONS....

who wants one?  What do YOU do when you see the signs?  Get "mad as hell" and STOP TAKING IT!!!!!  NEVERMINDTHEM!!!!!

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