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- THANK GOD for Vaccines - I mean REALLY

Last Updated: 6/13/2014

No, I don't really REALLY thank God for vaccines.  God didn't create vaccines, man did.  I don't believe He is happy about the use of vaccines, the religion of vaccination or the lack of attention we pay to what we put into our bodies.  This applies not only to the food we consume, the products we use (both in normal/regular daily living and also in regards to personal care products) but it also applies to the way we accept Western medicine and its practices as gospel truth, I would assert even a "religion" of its own.

MY POST TODAY is more of a critique of a recent post in Christianity Today, entitled:  Thank God for Vaccines.   I have to admit to NOT being a regular ready of this magazine in recent years, although I am a committed Christian.  I haven't read many magazines at all if they aren't related to birthing in some way.  I might flip through a home/garden type magazine in a waiting room, or a scrapbooking magazine in the grocery store. I like reading books better than magazines, so that is where my biggest reading focus has been.  The only reason I read THIS post, is a friend, alerted me to the title.   

Suzanne Humphries, MD states in an article, "The people who are getting vaccinated and the practitioners who are pushing vaccines are parishioners of the largest church on earth. They can be very devout and unreasonable. They believe this medical religion, vaccination, has saved millions of lives. They’ve read the holy bible of Merck and believe the mantras of the CDC that vaccines have eradicated disease from the Earth. They must be a gift from some god, right? But what else have these indoctrinated persons in white coats read about vaccines? With few exceptions, precious little. Most who administer these slurries don’t even know what ingredients are in them." - 

I deeply respect Dr. Humphries.  She is a conventionally educated doctor of Nephrology, who was a conventional medical doctor/participant for nearly 20 years.  She changed her direction after observing vaccination damage in many of her patients.  She details her road in the intro to her book, Dissolving Illusions, or here you may download it from her website. 

I have already addressed the Biblical reasons not to vaccinate in this post.   Not only to I object to vaccination on a Biblical basis, but on a purely moral one because of the toxic ingredients (viral particles, preservatives, etc.) and the vaccinations that are created using the fetal cell lines.  There is no way to justify vaccination as a practice smiled upon in Christendom, I don't care if the Pope does it, or Billy Graham does it, you cannot justify killing and the use of human bodies for the betterment of humankind.  To whose opinion is it betterment?  (FTR I don't believe I've ever heard that Billy Graham said anything FOR the use of vaccination, that was merely an example.)  There are just too many WAYS that Christianity and this religious practice do not and cannot co-exist.

Vaccine reactions are widely known.  In fact you must release your physician from any liability by signing a form stating you understand these possible risks.  The govt has released the pharmaceutical companies from liability with the creation of the VAERS system, which does sometimes make payouts to individuals harmed by vaccination.   I want to assure you that if you are the one that suffers one of these life-altering reactions it doesn't matter who says it's okay, what study proves it safe or who feels it was worth the risk.  When you see something with your own eyes it tends to discredit anything anyone else has that "proves" you wrong.

Besides that, let's just think for a moment about who profits from the research that is done, who is funding it/etc.  As stated by a former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, "It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor."  Much of the why is detailed on this blog posted Nov. 09.  If anything, it has only gotten worse. 

Cannot trust pharmaceutical companies to have our best interests at hear either.

Cannot trust the CDC....as evidenced by the fact that the once acknowledged the SV 40, as this screen capture evidences, but you cannot find this on the site now, it's been removed.  


"One of the most prominent vaccine scientists in the history of the vaccine industry — a Merck scientist — made a recording where he openly admits that vaccines given to Americans were contaminated with leukemia and cancer viruses. In response, his colleagues (who are also recorded here) break out into laughter and seem to think it’s hilarious. They then suggest that because these vaccines are first tested in Russia, they will help the U.S. win the Olympics because the Russian athletes will all be "loaded down with tumors.” 

As Dr. Humphries further states, "No matter how obvious the true cause of so much human misery becomes – that people are actually being sickened and immunosuppressed by vaccines and drugs – the pharma-faithful can’t see the cause. Here’s why: Doctors are the modern day priests and priestesses, anointing their followers with prescriptions. The priests are infatuated with and addicted to the power endowed to them. They strut about, cock-sure that they were rightly taught the one and only true form of medicine, and they are fulfilling their service to humanity. They have been successfully ordained into the Brotherhood." - (emphasis mine)

So if you're still with me, then you understand WHY I don't believe God has anything to do with the practice of vaccination and why I also believe the practice of vaccination IS a religion.

Here are some other points to make from the article....

"Parents who opt to leave their children unvaccinated contribute to the recent outbreaks."

The article points out some outbreaks where THEIR data points to it starting in an unvaccinated community.  However,  if you follow the trail of those documents, it can't be confirmed.  First it says of the 32, 14 were not vaccinated intentionally (what does that mean exactly??  they were UNINTENTIONALLY unvaccinated?), but only 7 can be confirmed as unintentional.... Let's be real....when you are talking about barely over 30 individuals, it's hardly an outbreak of epic proportions right off the bat.  There are those who dispute the tracing outbreaks to unvaccinated theory.  

Staying away from the implications of these particular diseases for time's sake, let's try to stick to the moral dilemma.  Considering that the MMR vaccine is one that is both live and cultured using aborted fetal cell strains, it is such a mind-numbing mystery to me how "the church universal, Christianity" can put a stamp of approval on this practice.  The act of receiving the vaccine makes you shed the virus and you're using a morally reprehensive practice to do so.

"A Christian physician, I tell parents God indeed provides immunity. But as we've seen over millennia, it comes by very real suffering through a potentially fatal disease. In our modern society, God grants us everyday miracles, both pharmacologic and surgical, including immunity in the form of a vial of vaccine."

God doesn't grant immunity in the form of a vial of vaccine any more than he grants euphoria from a dose of heroin.  As I stated earlier in this post,  "God didn't "give" us doctors.  Man designed the medical training system, and for the record, it "leaves God and His design" out.  The Bible says that doctors are for the SICK, not the well. (Luke 5:31 "And Jesus answered and said to them, "It is not those who are well who need a physician, but those who are sick.")  And if you consult a physician for something, you don't HAVE to do what they say.  Doctor's orders are a misnomer.  Nobody has to "obey" doctors except nurses and doctor's children.  They are a paid consultant whose opinion you are soliciting.  It is up to you to do the research to see if what they say fits in with your worldview and belief system and is something you choose to implement.  Intervening in a natural process (such as birth) or disrupting a natural defense system (by vaccination) does not line up with Biblical principles. I believe that God designed the human body.  He designed it to work in a certain manner, to be fueled and maintained and used for His purposes.  He knit each individual person together within their mother’s womb EXACTLY the way He meant to without mistake.  "Psalm 139: 13-16”  He is the author of Life and controls the moment of death.  He designed the body to heal itself with the proper fuel, rest and lifestyle.  We also don’t need vaccines to "train” our immune system.  It knows how to work all by itself.  By using vaccines you are bypassing His perfect design.  You are trying to "trick” the immune system and "improve” on the Divine Design.  

" I don't think these parents would deny insulin for their child newly diagnosed with diabetes, nor would they fail to strap their child into a car seat before starting the ignition."

Treating a known disease with a medication is entirely different than attempting to PREVENT a disease, that for all intents and purposes, you don't even know that you'll ever encounter.  Incomparable.  Using a car seat for prevention is a little more comparable, except that there are no risks to that practice, only benefits.  My using a car seat for my child has absolutely no effect on my other children or on anyone else's children either, for that matter.

"Vaccines are instruments of prevention, too, given to our healthy youngsters in order to keep them (and others) healthy."

* Nobody can transmit a disease they do not have.   Unvaccinated people are not "Typhoid Marys" full of germs, bacteria, viruses and diseases that are waiting to jump out on the unsuspecting vaccinated population.  In fact, unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children.  You cannot acquire pertussis, tetanus, diphtheria, measles, mumps, chickenpox, hepatitis A, B, or C from someone that does not have it.  Just because you are unvaccinated does not mean you are harboring these diseases. 

* People that are vaccinated with live virus vaccines DO transmit disease.  So in fact, her concern is invalid but yours is valid to want to avoid exposure to her children within 21 days of live vaccines.  An inactivated vaccine (killed/dead vaccine) consists of virus particles which are grown in culture and then killed using a method such as heat or formaldehyde.  These virus particles are destroyed and cannot replicate, but the virus capsid proteins are intact enough to be recognized by the immune system and evoke a response.  When manufactured correctly, the vaccine is not infectious, but improper inactivation can result in intact and infectious particles.  Since the properly produced vaccine does not reproduce, booster shots are required periodically to reinforce the immune response.  By contrast, an attenuated vaccine is prepared from live microorganisms or viruses cultured under adverse conditions leading to loss of their virulence but retention of their ability to induce protective immunity. Attenuation takes an infectious agent and alters it so that it becomes harmless or less virulent. These vaccines contrast to those produced by "killing" the virus (inactivated vaccine).  Some examples of attenuated vaccines are:  MMR, varicella, yellow-fever, nasal flu vaccine and rabies vaccine.  The viruses may be attenuated via passage of the virus through a foreign host such as:  tissue culture (including aborted fetal cell tissue), embryonated eggs, or live animals.  The initial microorganism population is applied to the foreign host.  One or more of these will possess a mutation that enables it to infect the new host.  These mutations will spread, as the mutations allow the microorganisms to grow well in the new host; the result is a population that is significantly different to the initial population, and thus will not grow well in the original host when re-introduced (hence is attenuated).  This makes it easier for the host’s immune system to eliminate the agent and thus create the immunological memory cells which will "likely” protect the patient if they are infected with a similar version of the microorganism in "the wild”.  There is a risk of reversion to virulence.  Attenuated vaccines cannot be used by immunocompromised individuals.  The oral polio vaccine was an attenuated vaccine and many cases of polio were attributed to that vaccine.  It has since been replaced most times with the inactivated polio vaccine, although it is still used sometimes. 

*Vaccination does not strengthen your immune system.  The components in a vaccine are damaging in and of themselves.  They do not make a person MORE healthy, IF they were working they way they are portrayed to work, they introduce a pathogen and stimulate the body to produce antibodies to that pathogen.  The other ingredients are damaging to the body, and depending on that person's particular makeup it can be mild to major to fatal. 

* Vaccination is NOT immunization.  Immunization is the process by which an individual's immune system becomes exposed to a foreign molecule and then orchestrates an immune response.  The next time the body encounters this molecule, it will quickly respond to the encounter  through immunological memory.  Immunization means  the body becomes immune to something, that only happens by getting a disease or by becoming exposed to a disease, and the body will then create its own immunity.  Vaccination is taking a man-made substance, (which includes some type of viral particle along with other ingredients) and to bypass the normal mechanisms of disease and to inject that substance into a child.  These are 2 totally different events.  They are not the same at all.  It really is NOT just semantics.  By interchanging the 2 terms, we are bowing to the pharmaceutical agenda of trying to normalize and legitimize vaccination as a viable alternative to natural immunity.

*  Vaccination does not provide natural or life-long immunity.  If it were working the way it is designed to work, it is an acquired immunity which is temporary and not very effective.  Natural immunity is what happens when your body encounters an organism and initiates a response from your immune system.  When the organism enters the body, complex chemical and mechanical activities are set into motion to defend and protect the body's cells and tissues. The foreign organism, usually a protein, is called an antigen, that is, one which generates the production of an antagonist. The most readily recognized response to the antigen is the production of an antibody. The antigen-antibody reaction is an essential component of the overall immune response. Of equal or greater importance to antibody, particularly for some antigens, is the development of the cell-mediated immune response. Cell-mediated response is the body activating antigen-specific cytotoxic T-lymphocytes that are able to induce apoptosis (cell death) in body cells displaying epitopes (antigen determinant or antibody) of foreign antigen on their surface, such as virus-infected cells, cells with intracellular bacteria, and cancer cells displaying tumor antigens.  So after the initial exposure, when that antigen enters the body again, the immune system "remembers" exactly how to respond to it, such as with chickenpox, and it will fight it off, and the body will not succumb to the illness again.An acquired immunity or artificial immunity is antigen specific immunity attributable to the production of antibody and of specific immune T lymphocytes (responsible for cell-mediated immunity), following exposure to an antigen, or passive transfer of antibody or immune lymphoid cells (adoptive immunity), such as by a vaccine. Infants are born with relatively weak immune responses. They have, however, a natural "passive" immunity; they are protected during the first months of life by means of antibodies they receive from their mothers. The antibody IgG, which travels across the placenta, makes them immune to the same microbes to which their mothers are immune. Children who are nurse also receive IgA from breast milk; it protects the digestive tract.

*Vaccinated children get the diseases they are vaccinated for anyway, sometimes as many as 2 out of 3 acquired cases are in vaccinated people.  In those cases then,  they have assumed 100% of the risk, for 0% of the proposed benefits.  Some scientists believe there are new strains of the bacteria that have evolved to evade the vaccines of today, while others believe that the vaccine is only effective for 3 years.  Dr. Heidi Stevenson points out that  "There are two kinds of bacteria that cause whooping cough: Bordetella pertussis and Bordetella parapertussis. Only one, B. pertussis has an associated vaccine."  She furthers asks " Is vaccination for B. pertussis causing these whooping cough outbreaks by providing a breeding ground for its cousin, B. parapertussis?"  When asked what do we really know about the increasing outbreaks of whopping cough?  She further states, "The only statement that can be made with clarity is that vaccinations are failing, If they ever worked, then they are losing their effectiveness.  If they NEVER worked, then something is making us more susceptible to whooping cough."

* Newborns do have some immunity already.  Their mother passes on her body's immunity to her newborn.  This only works with natural immunity though, not acquired or temporary.  It is called passive immunity and it starts to decrease after the first few weeks or months, but then breast milk takes over and gives immunity.  So if the mother encountered disease and has natural immunity, she passes those antibodies on to her baby.  Breastfeeding continues to provide immunity to the things the mother is exposed to.  This is why babies are immune to the germs in their own environment.  The mother produces antibodies to them in her breast milk.  Mothers kiss their babies and their body then develops immunity to the organisms on their baby, and then it passes to her breastmilk which baby then ingests.  Wha-laa!!  REAL IMMUNITY!!

* Vaccine Reactions are NOT always just mild minor annoyances.  They aren't always worth the risk.  The problem lies when you don't KNOW if you're more prone to a reaction due to an underlying condition or an already weakened immune system.

"I'm concerned that so many people seem willing to let others carry the supposed burden of vaccination so that they don't have to," wrote Rachel Marie Stone in a Her.meneutics post a couple of years ago. "To me, that's a failure of the commandment to love our neighbors: our infant neighbors, our elderly neighbors, and our immune-compromised neighbors."

OH MY GOSH, I almost cannot even address this one.  Let me just say this.... my daughter has had a horrific reaction to vaccination.  She has RA/fibromyalgia.  She is disabled.  

Read that againShe is disabled.  As in DIS-ABLED.... NOT ABLE to do most things the rest of the population take for granted, you know things like WALK, and EAT, and BATHE....normal everyday activities.  

Her hands are crooked, she hobbles.  She doesn't walk, she hobbles.  Her husband has to cut up her food.  If she wakes up at night, she cannot fall back to sleep without the blanket being pulled up, but she cannot do it because it is too heavy for her, so she has to wake her husband up to pull the blanket up.  He helps her use the bathroom.  He dresses her and helps her shower.  She cannot brush her hair without assistance.  She cannot care for her daughter well.  My granddaughter tells me, "Mommy hurts, she's crying, she cries all the time, Daddy has to help her."  Failure to vaccinate is failure to love our neighbors?  

Lord, have mercy....REALLY?  

Thank God for vaccines, ya know, cause without them....without them she would be able-bodied and thriving.  Failure to provide true informed consent is what is "failure to love our neighbors".....passing blame, projecting and scape-goating is "failure to love our neighbors".

Not all physicians are members of the vaccination religion/cult though, besides Dr. Humphries, there is Dr. Janet Levatin, MD, a holistic pediatrician who posts, "Many of children I see have combinations of these inflammatory and infectious conditions that start during infancy. Conventional pediatricians give several rounds of multiple suppressive medications, including steroids, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatories to these tiny humans, who then require frequent doctor visits for additional pills to treat the side effects of the pills.  Chronic illnesses are now so common, having a sick child seems to be the "new normal.” As a holistic pediatrician, I often point out to a parent that just because a situation is common, that does not mean it is normal! Children are supposed to be vibrant, healthy, and free of disease. They should not need to have multiple medications on a daily basis.  What is contributing causes to the epidemic of sick kids?  It is no surprise that the rates of chronic disease have increased in parallel with the ever-expanding infant and childhood vaccination schedule." 


I think not.... and you shouldn't either!  You want to be what the church is SUPPOSED to be? then stand out and STAND UP for God's SAKE, for what is RIGHT.  Don't thank God for something He has nothing to do with, something that man engineered to try to improve upon His perfect design.

It isn't surprising how devastating the reactions are, what IS surprising is that they aren't even MORE frequent and also surprising is the way that the human body tries to compensate for the assault.

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