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- Why I’m Anti-vaccine- anecdotal reasons

Last Updated: 4/23/2011

There are a variety of reasons I’m against the use of vaccines.  I will use a series of posts to explain a few.  The most important reason is that several of my children have been damaged by vaccines.  Can I prove it?  No.  Do I have ANY doubt about it?  No.  Sometimes the reaction was immediate; sometimes it turned up at a later point in time.  I was raised to believe that doctors were an authority.  I had to do what they instructed.  I didn’t understand personal responsibility or informed consent/denial.  When a physician gave me direction as a young adult, I followed it without much question.  Oh sure, I’d ask why, but if I didn’t understand it, I’d simply chalk it up to "Doctor knows best, my job is to follow directions”. After all, he spent YEARS in medical school, what could I possibly know, think or reason that would be trump that?  I grew up eating a typical American diet, full of processed foods/minimal fresh foods.  I made poor choices in my teenage years and experimented with alcohol and street drugs.  As a young adult, I was drawn to the Bible and became convinced of the reality of God, Christ, and His saving work on the cross on my behalf.  My understanding started to change about my own responsibility for my health and the health of my family.  It was up to me to learn truth and to obey truth and I would be the one who suffered the consequences of my choices. 

My first daughter was born in 1984.  We began our parenting strictly following doctors orders.  We did all the well-visits and checked off the milestones.  That included adding solid food when I was told (about 6 months) in the amounts I was told.  That was before the internet, so I had a few books and my mother’s advice.  My mother is a nurse and didn’t utilize good nutrition.  I don’t blame her.  She did the best she could with what she had/knew at the time.  If I think I had it hard finding information, she had it even harder.  She will still obey the doctor though, even if it doesn’t make any sense.  They say "Old habits die hard.”  I think "they” are right about that one.

I started to realize that physicians are NOT all-knowing or all-powerful and they are not always right through a series of mistaken diagnosis and a few bad reactions to pharmaceuticals.  It began to dawn on me that they are as human as I am, and are prone to error by the mere fact that they are also human.  I’ve always loved reading and research and I began to have some of my own ideas and not always follow orders.  We did still do most of what we were instructed and followed the cultural patterns of well doctor visits and vaccinations.  My next children were born in 1987 & 1988.  (We didn’t personally have access to the internet until the late 90’s.)  My 3rd child had an immediate reaction to a DPT shot.  It was the 3rd one.  He started screaming and continued screaming for several days.  He had a raging fever and thrashed about inconsolably.  I treated the symptoms and went back to the doctor myriad times.  She assured me it was NOT the vaccine, and refused to chart it as a possibility.  He then became very ill with an ear infection and a variety of what I now realize were just side effects.  I knew that he was sick because of that shot.  Even though nobody would agree with me, I knew it and I also knew he would never get another one.  I somehow got my hands on the book DPT: A Shot in the Dark by Harris Coulter and Barbara Loe Fisher and felt my fears confirmed.  I mistakenly believed that the "P” in the DPT was the only danger.  From there on out, none of my children would receive that particular vaccination.  That particular child is a young man now, and suffers from a compromised immune system in that he has terrible allergies and cannot breathe through his nose. 

My oldest daughter was diagnosed with JRA when she was 12yrs old.  I cannot prove it, but believe it to be a result of past vaccine use, probably the MMR.  One thing is certain; her immune system is completely out of whack and destroying her joints.  Nobody can prove (or disprove) a cause and there is no cure.  My 2nd daughter had numerous ear infections and loss of hearing, and underwent 2 surgeries for tubes.  3 of my daughters have confirmed autoimmune thyroid disorders.  Another son has asthma, which he contracted immediately after his 3rd vaccination series (minus the "P”) which I delayed until he was 4 yrs old.  I had the mistaken belief that if we delayed the shots until they were older, they’d be better able to handle the effects. 

I literally cringe when I have parents tell me, "Well we did it with our oldest child and he’s okay” when their oldest child is 2 yrs old.  I want to say, "Well, that remains to be seen now, doesn’t it?”  THEY SAY… hindsight is 20-20.  I’d agree with that.  If only I knew then what I know now…if only….If only…then I would NEVERMIND when I was warned that if I didn’t….I’d be irresponsible…I’d trust in my own gut, in God’s design for the human body, the trustworthiness of the immune system when it is intact, and in His faithfulness.

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